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01-31-2012, 11:20 PM
Think True Blood---only wilder!


What would you do if you were an ordinary cop , and living an ordinary life ?

Your girlfriend has been forced to go to an island!
Once there you are tricked into being part of a crazy experiment!
It leaves you as a flesh-eating cannibal!
They try and cure you.., but it leaves you as a vampire!
They thought that you are going to die. So they decide to clone you!
Now you must raise a clone son and deal with being a cop during the day
and drain people of their blood at night! A serious conflict!
The government is very interested in your anti-aging and healing properties!
Your survival and that of your family's survival depends on one thing?!
You have built your Vampire Empire ...,one baby at a time ...,in " Blood Relatives--Vampire Detective Series".
"Family must endure!"

There is a surprise Vampire virus cure! (Garlic) They use it to have children and
then turn back into vampires..., as they see fit.
There are no vampire myths left to be broken in this series!

My name is Suzanne LaRosa- Herlihy.
I've written and self published nine fiction stories.

I also created a Facebook group called, " Good Readin's".
I encourage young people to write and display short stories and poems.

" Blood Relatives " is a fiction, horror, romance, crime, mystery drama that I've written for film or

This is also in book form and Published by PublishAmerica.com

I have 56 Epic TV Episodes available. Over 1,000 scenes.

Suzanne LaRosa- Herlihy
6 farm lane #442
Roosevelt, NJ 08555
WGA east

Nick Soares
01-31-2012, 11:26 PM
Might sound cliche but "vampire" anything is hot right now, when I finish production we will have to get in touch, if its still available :)