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  1. Data-driven Script Analysis - thoughts?
  2. Screenwriting Do's & Don'ts
  3. Developing Characters for Scripts
  4. Script For Sale The Dance
  5. Script For Sale Runaway Boys
  6. Need help with a spec script
  7. First Ever Script Ideas for a Teenage Director (which one?)
  8. Structuring my First Experimental Short Film
  9. Screenplay formatting
  10. Touchy Subject Matter
  11. How to write a screenplay
  12. Need a horror nudity script ASAP
  13. Looking for feedback on my parody script sample
  14. Story Structure of a Short
  15. Assistance needed with script please
  16. Help with Neanderthal character
  17. Any tips for a script?
  18. Simple question regarding script writing
  19. Time Lapse in Script
  20. I need a horror/thriller script.
  21. Writers Avoid McHugh-Media At All Costs!!!
  22. Notes on Character Development
  23. Script Wanted Short RomCom Script Wanted
  24. How and when to trust someone?
  25. The use of (CONTINUED) and CONTINUED: and the Trigger street lab
  26. Who is Syd Field?
  27. Alternative to a three-act structure.
  28. Trimming down scene headings.
  29. Should I ask a Producer to sign a NDA before sending my script?
  30. Aski and The Fort Lake Monsterquest Script
  31. Script For Sale My Father's Worst Nightmare
  32. No Pay Job Screenwriter Looking For Work Anywhere (Will Write For Credit)
  33. Screenwriting article and eBook
  34. Reviews
  35. Paid Job Ghostwriter needed for upcoming horror/sci-fi project
  36. Selling overseas?
  37. Having an issue with Celtx
  38. No Pay Job Amateur scriptwriter willing to write for credit.
  39. Scriptwriting and story help needed
  40. Need advice! (save the cat)
  41. Script For Sale Coyote Crossing
  42. Script For Sale Good-Bye Johnny Boy
  43. Script For Sale Chechnya mist
  44. Dreams of gold
  45. Coming up with a logline now that I've written the script...
  46. Zombie films, In, or on the way Out?
  47. Would you read my 6 page script (my first ever?)
  48. Copyrighting a script in the UK?
  49. Movie Script Contest 2014
  50. Silence of the Lambs (Film Noir Adaptation)
  51. Script For Sale My Father's Worst Nightmare
  52. Script For Sale The Accomplice
  53. Script Writing Infographic
  54. Script writing help.
  55. Trying to write a revenge story so that it's plausible.
  56. Screenwriter Wanted Tickets To Heaven- a sarcastic comedy about religion
  57. Script For Sale Labor Pains
  58. Script For Sale Blockbuster Sci-Fi/Horror Found-Footage Script
  59. First short film
  60. Past writers block
  61. What makes a horror script, 'distribution material'?
  62. Would You Want To See This Vampire/Zombie Flick?
  63. How do you decide on your order of scenes?
  64. Script For Sale Phantasmagoria 2016(
  65. Script For Sale Short film "No Cure for Regret"
  66. When writing a flashback, does a scene have to end in the present?
  67. Feedback Wanted On My Short Script
  68. 5 Minutes of Your Time
  69. Script getting views
  70. Tropfest Jr Script
  71. Is this plot turn too convenient?
  72. The calm before the Storm Screenplay FEEDBACK WANTED
  73. FEAR THE REAPERS Intro Script V2 Feedback wanted
  74. Should I write 'FADE IN' if I don't plan on doing a fade?
  75. Script Camera Movements etc.
  76. How should my hero find out where the villains are in this sense?
  77. Why Story Matters
  78. My First Real Short
  79. Script Wanted script for a short film
  80. Should I rewrite a character to be gay for this plot in order to fit a new actor?
  81. Christian Films
  82. How do I write a scene with silent dialogue and music overtop?
  83. How To Sell Scripts
  84. Few questions about "selling" my scripts.
  85. Selling a Pilot
  86. 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Entries
  87. What should I do with my (unfinished) script?
  88. Excellent Example of - (SPOILERS INSIDE)
  89. How do I write a car chase so that it's 'horrifying'?
  90. Don't Break The Chain! (free writing calendar)
  91. Question about writing a car chase for believability.
  92. Marionettes
  93. a software question
  94. Script For Sale Innocent Guilt
  95. Can my hero and villain develop a Bond in such a short amount of time?
  96. 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED
  97. Movie Title Tips from BlueCat!
  98. Which plot turn is better for my script, or is neither any good?
  99. Can I develop characters and plot off screen?
  100. So i'm starting to write up my first screenplay(s).
  101. The Baby Still Lacks A Name: Picking The Title of Your Script
  102. Feedback on script intro
  103. "That Bastard Det. Davis" Script Completed
  104. Screenwriter Wanted Back Then - A short film that needs a writer!
  105. Early Deadline Sept 1, 2014| BlueCat Screenplay Competition
  106. How do I write an out of order, intercutting montage?
  107. Script For Sale No Cure for Regret
  108. BlueCat Screenplay Competition: Feedback for all Entrants
  109. Help. Opinions on this script are welcomed. PERIPETY
  110. Script Wanted Script for short film wanted.
  111. Should I cut the protagonist out of certain scenes, cause he is in too many?
  112. Script For Sale blockbuster script -Looking for Collaboration!!!
  113. 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition REGULAR DEADLINE OCTOBER 15TH
  114. Would audiences hate this character?
  115. How should I write action scenes like this?
  116. Writing my first feature...looking for opinions on progress so far.
  117. Script Wanted 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition DEADLINE OCTOBER 15TH
  118. How do I write this twist so audiences will not see it coming?
  119. Does a villain need to have a motive, if he's a sociopath?
  120. How do I write action scenes without throwing logic out the window?
  121. Screenwriter Wanted Feature Film That Needs a Screenwriter
  122. 31 Days Around the World With BlueCat
  123. How should I write theme when it comes to a revenge thriller?
  124. Screenwriting Tips & Advice in the BlueCat Weekly Screenwriting Newsletter
  125. How do I write this DNA, forensic scenario as technically convincing?
  126. Ideas?
  127. BlueCat Short Screenplay Competition --- Final Deadline: November 15th
  128. Why enter screenplay competitions?
  129. How to perfect your script for competition
  130. I'm not Delusional. Well...
  131. Will my script come off as misogynist, with this type of language?
  132. Will this idea work plausibly for a thriller?
  133. Help me with a starting point to work on.
  134. How is my 'double reversal' climax?
  135. I was told my premise is not plausible.
  136. How can I write this montage to be better?
  137. Chaplin's THE KID
  138. Not A Wasted Frame
  139. Seeking to option or buy GREAT ready to go single location script
  140. Which of these two endings is better for my script?
  141. Antagonist or Antagonize?
  142. Do you really not have to worry about ideas being stolen?
  143. Will audiences believe this courtroom scenario, even if realistic?
  144. How are my first 5 pages?
  145. What Would You Do?
  146. Do I have to show how this character found his way to this location?
  147. Does a protagonist have to be flawed from the beginning?
  148. Question I combine scenes to save on budget if it gets in the way of logic?
  149. Which story structure approach is better?
  150. Do I have to have this actor present in this scene, if...?
  151. Is my premise too far fetched?
  152. Why?
  153. Simple or Flashy?
  154. Adobe Story Not Loading?
  155. Should I Avoid Writing A Lot Of Dialogue?
  156. How can I write gun stand off scenarios like this...?
  157. Castaway (spoiler)
  158. How should I write this scenario when it comes to court evidence?
  159. A few questions for any directors & writer/directors
  160. Making the Story
  161. Where Does the Boredom Begin?
  162. Is this police undercover scenario realistic?
  163. What would my character do logically in this situation?
  164. 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call For Entries
  165. How do I know my script is any good when everyone has a very different opinion?
  166. Sunrise 1927 (spoilers)
  167. 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Short Scripts
  168. Military Documentary
  169. How can I fix this plot hole?
  170. What can I do to improve my ending?
  171. First Act
  172. 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Contest Call For Entries
  173. Script for sale. ( cryptic passion)
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  175. Does this character flaw cross too much of a line?
  176. writing a film?
  177. 2007 Zombieland Draft
  178. Does this count as a Deus Ex Machina?
  179. Movie Title Contest
  180. How should I write this computer technology explanation?
  181. BlueCat Short Screenplay Competition EARLY DEADLINE AUG 1st
  182. Can any writer confirm this as fact when it comes to research for my script?
  183. Early Deadline: Aug 1st at midnight PDT
  184. What would happen in this legal scenario for my script?
  185. What's the cheapest price I can expect for a script on a microbudget?
  186. Would the characters in my story buy a coincidence as big as this?
  187. Next Deadline September 1st!
  188. Someone found a plot hole, but is it fixable?
  189. Truth or Consequences being filmed now.
  190. Is this too much of a cliche to use?
  191. 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Regular Deadline Oct 15th
  192. Script to shoot a Short Film
  193. Should I use this new writing approach in this case?
  194. How much is my script worth?
  195. Upside Down
  196. Is it me, or does this ending kind of sucks?
  197. Tips on How To Write A Short Horror Film?
  198. If I Stay (Full plot and ending spoilers) or WTF is going on with screenwriting?
  199. "Ex Machina" - Script Discussion
  200. Trilogy With Different Characters For Each Movie?
  201. Seeing Rape Everywhere
  202. Does this scene have to to take place at night, or no?
  203. Trying to apply the three act structure to the thriller genre.
  204. When the hero uses the villain's own theme against him.
  205. 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - 9 Days to Final Deadline
  206. 2016 BlueCat Short Screenplay Competition
  207. Does this count as a plot hole like people are saying?
  208. Proper Logline
  209. Writing action scenes without consequence; good or bad?
  210. Drugdealer "White Mike"
  211. Is this a plothole for a courtroom thriller?
  212. Can I pull this situation off with just one character, or do I need more?
  213. How can I portray this villain's problem?
  214. Script For Sale Aski (or masked luchador) and The Joe Pool Lake Monsterquest"
  215. Is it okay to use a montage as the climax, in this case?
  216. Are there any professional Script writers on here?
  217. What should my villain's plan be in this case for his goal to work?
  218. What's more important, plot vs theme?
  219. Script Consulting - My New Web Site
  221. Is their a way to make this undercover police scenario plausible?
  222. i have a question about something in a script please help
  223. Script For Sale Nathan Becomes a Zombie
  224. How can I suspend disbelief in the thriller genre, the right way?
  225. Script For Sale Thriller titled "Playing the Game"
  226. How can I make a courtroom thriller interesting in this way?
  227. Script For Sale Fourteeners
  228. DEADLINE APPROACHING: 2016 NYTVF Scripts Competition
  229. Would this plot turn be better if it came early or later on in my story?
  230. Script Consultant & Screen Writer
  231. How important is a second act climax in the three act structure in this case?
  232. Which of these two third acts is better for my script?
  233. Script For Sale 2 feature scripts that won in festival (avalible also as tv series)
  234. Does this ending have to be explained to the reader in order to be understood?
  235. how to make trapped situation ?
  236. How can I make my script less offensive in this case?
  238. How long should I wait to explain a twist in this sense?
  239. How can I handle this rape scene scenario carefully?
  240. BlueCat's Online Rewrite Course!
  241. Question on writing this courtroom scene scenario.
  242. I Want to Edit Your Script (for free)
  243. How can I write this situation to be more believable?
  244. Which story direction option would be lower on budget for me?
  245. Paid Job Screenwriter/Ghostwriter for Hire
  246. How legally accurate does a crime thriller have to be?
  247. How can I write masterplan characters in this sense?
  248. Does this count as a plot hole in my script?
  249. Question about computer hacking believability for my script.
  250. Are premises flawed, or just executions?