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  1. Spam Private Messages - Sender Will be Banned
  2. Do you think there is such thing as too microbudget, or no?
  3. Do you think this camera lens was worth getting?
  4. Be in the [ yellow tail ] TV Commercial airing during the Big Game on 2/3/19 + Travel
  5. I won a Movi Pro...
  6. No Pay Job GH5: can I activate HDR at 50p UHD?
  7. Should I shoot my first feature film in a foreign language country?
  8. What do you call the person who does the color grading?
  9. If I want to be movie director what field should I learn in to get there?
  10. I challenge you to name this movie
  11. Is it unethical to get a new DP in this case?
  12. New Interview: Firing a Film Crew Member
  13. How are indie horror movies done on such low budgets since they are popular?
  14. Offering a FREE sound mix for a QUALITY Short Film.
  15. Is it bad to ask the cast and crew for opinions on editing for a director?
  16. How do you match lenses, if some lenses look sharper than others?
  17. How much can you cheat compression without the audience noticing?
  18. Which character of action movie suits this man the most
  19. DETOURS Available Worldwide on Vimeo on Demand
  20. My Dream
  21. How do you know what the audience will accept when it comes to original techniques?
  22. Stabilizer for Smartphones
  23. Paid Job Looking for an Experienced National Archives Researcher for a film project.
  24. Would this be considered going over the director's head?
  25. Representation of minorities in film
  26. What am I doing wrong? Color and quality
  27. Platform and Networks
  28. Monster Stories
  29. Am I crazy for wanting to make a feature film, hoping it will sell to break in?
  30. New Budgeting Tool for Filmmakers
  31. Platform to share documentaries and short films
  32. how can i start a job as director right after finishing film school?
  33. How do you measure how much percent of the movie was directed by who?
  34. Should the cast and crew be making money off of a movie in this type of scenario?
  35. Sell an idea
  36. Advice on stop motion
  37. Film Entrepreneur
  38. MN Film Board
  39. Photo Upload
  40. Mash-Ups
  41. Curious
  42. Film makers needing free music in their project!!!
  43. My lens will not focus on the new camera.
  44. Reboot
  45. Which follow focus system should would be best for me in this case?
  46. Free Video Footage for Your Projects
  47. Allensworth
  48. Go to Film School or not?
  49. Is working with this investor a good idea in this case?
  50. Touchy subject : is Hollywood owned largely by Jews? This is a good thing by the way.
  51. Room Tone Question
  52. Recording in Dual Mono/ Mono question,Left headphone
  53. DAW question
  54. Any "deadcat/windjammer" cons?
  55. Sony Vegas pro12
  56. Ironheart
  57. American Ninja
  58. Action 6 Pack Series
  59. Question about doing bloody gunshots for a movie.
  60. Creating a link for share
  61. The Wild West
  62. Dr. No
  63. Screen Credit
  64. Side Movies.
  65. How many attempts should I give a movie maker to make a movie once I've signed on?
  66. Indie Filmmaking Podcast
  67. Disney Acquisition
  68. Question
  69. Reshooting
  70. Agencies
  71. Spiritual Sequel
  72. Stock with film companies.
  73. Whitewashing
  74. Using a wheelchair as a dolly, can you keep it quiet enough?
  75. Troublesome writers when directing
  76. Scarface
  77. Mitigations Video
  78. Audio question from a noob.
  79. What should my credit be?
  80. Pitch your Short to Filmaka, BASF will give you $15,000 to winner.
  81. Agencies
  82. Is true that most film festivals will only accept two aspect ratios?
  83. Looking for Ida's 2014 Script
  84. Group work
  85. newbie introduction
  86. Is it normal to get call sheets a day in advance only, all the time?