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  1. Question about on set ethics in these types of situations.
  2. Question about calling the police in this filming situation.
  3. My DP cancelled on me what should I do?
  4. What can I do to get actors to be more available?
  5. Question about matching weather in two shoots.
  6. Question - Film Festival Notifications
  7. Question about operating the DJI Ronin
  8. Question about eliminating camera shake.
  9. Roof Jumper - VFX Film
  10. Which edit of this sequence is better?
  11. Linnet: Growing Wings
  12. Should I ask that my film not be shown in this case?
  13. What should my credit be on this project?
  14. Which idea should I pursure on limited time for my graduate film? (please,need help!)
  15. Looking for feedback :)
  16. What can I do about this audio/post-production problem?
  17. A friend of mine wants to make movie adaptations/reboots
  18. Tips for Making a Music Video?
  19. Help Me Choose A New Camera
  20. B Camera/ Mobile rig setup help
  21. What can I do to get my audio engineer to return?
  22. BOYA BY-M1 Review/Test - Lavalier Microphone for £15
  23. Having a strange problem with coloring S-log 3 footage.
  24. No Pay Job Recording a letter
  25. Fan Films and Cosplay
  26. Nooob
  27. Godard's Breathless
  28. Free Filmmaking webinar
  29. Newbie - Audio Recording
  30. Should I work with this DP again after this shoot?
  31. film-making with no degree?
  32. Free Filmmaking Webinar with an oscar ad Emmy Winning Producer
  33. What do you think of stylistic title sequences, good, or overcompensating?
  34. Question about using a wheelchair as a dolly substitute.
  35. How is my color grading?
  36. Is it worth traveling to other cities for these jobs, for free?
  37. Osmo vs. Glidecam Which is better?
  38. When is it appropriate to break the 180 degree rule?
  39. Would It Be Too Dangerous To Use A Live Chainsaw?
  40. Help me please
  41. What time of scene coverage do you think is better from personal opinion?
  42. How can I make deep focus cinematography look good?
  43. Should I show this short film when applying for jobs?
  44. No Pay Job Help for a Photography Camera to Make Videos... (Amateur)
  45. What does social anthropology and philosophy have to do with it anyway?
  46. What are the laws when it comes to using stock footage?
  47. How to improve Wedding Video
  48. Where could I find good actors?
  49. Want to make a feature film, where to start
  50. Editing Mono Sound Recording
  51. Walkie Talkies: any troubles?
  52. Question about how boompoles work.
  53. How can I improve as a filmmaker when it comes to rising above mistakes?
  54. Movie trailer for Party Bus To Hell horror movie starring Tara Reid
  55. No Pay Job Guerrilla Filmmaker
  56. Question about shooting coverage for dialogue.
  57. Filming doc. How to get interviews?
  58. 1 minute short film
  59. Film vs. Digital for Features
  60. French VS American Cinema
  61. Short films reviews (Curfew,Timecode...)
  62. Many tasks as one person in credits
  63. Oscar Micheaux WHO?
  64. Beginning a career in film
  65. Best DSLR camera for low(ish) budget
  66. Question about directing actors and motion blur.
  67. What kind of tripod should I get for what is right for me?
  68. CineLove, a new streaming platform/film festival and movie movement
  69. What movies can I be inspired by to emulate this kind of style?
  70. Help With My Next Film
  71. Question about mixing stock footage with my footage.
  72. How is my editing and color, and sound effects grading here?
  73. Question about directing scenes for actors demo reels.
  74. Please Come In - Suspense 60 sec Short Film
  75. Do you think I should shoot live events for this purpose?
  76. Has anyone used this dolly flex track before and can give any input?
  77. Question about using the Sony A7s II.
  78. [Payed] Trailer for Devader
  79. Client requests my RAW footage for music video to give to new production company??
  80. Avenue for Short Films
  81. How's my gimbal practice?
  82. Mind control headcap prop
  83. Does anyone know how to fix this camera problem I've been having?
  84. Question about making a demo reel.
  85. How much is promo video worth? (for a bar)
  86. Trip: Enjoy!
  87. Pixilation in mov. files
  88. What do you think of overstylized title sequences in indie movies?
  89. Surrealist Filmmaking Community!
  90. No Pay Job Looking to build a group of Virginia folks
  91. Teaser documentary
  92. Opportunity to work abroad
  93. Where to find dirt cheap prop/ replica guns for use in Filming???????
  94. Question about looking at the camera, in these types of shots.
  95. Fiverr
  96. Tough early choices, Too many choices
  97. Question about storyboarding with FrameForge.
  98. Is Canon SL2 Good For Music Videos ?
  99. No Pay Job IT peeps requires
  100. Some inspiration through Birdemic
  101. Breaking Into The Industry With No Support
  102. A new photographer
  103. A new photographer
  104. Character backstory?
  105. Paid Job Looking For Animator For Short Film Project
  106. How should I approach this problem as an actor?
  107. Question about location filming
  108. Anamorphic vs. spherical
  109. Please Check this Contract
  110. My Directorial Debut **Teaser Inside**
  111. Would it be considered micromanaging to a DP if I didn't allow him/her to move lights
  112. Tell Me About Editing Station ?
  113. Tell Me About Editing Station
  114. Director made a feature for $320. How did he do that?
  115. 12 Production Bag Essentials.
  116. Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers Book
  117. Can't think of a title for my film
  118. Could you spare some time to answer a questionnaire on filmmaking?
  119. [HELP] Realistic Imitation Firearms for film makers UK
  120. Good allround lens
  121. Questions for choreographing fight scenes
  122. Swet New Lights from Blind Spot Gear
  123. Need a forum for PROMOTION!
  124. Amazon reviews are critical for success! Let's trade reviews of our movies
  125. No Pay Job How I Got A Career In The Film Industry | No Film School Documentary
  126. Systematic chaos, the talkshow
  127. Monitor mount swivels loose
  128. Lots of noise : Mini Ursa - Less Noise DSLR. Why?
  129. Paid Job Shooting slow motion with c100
  130. Can I share?
  131. What's your first-impression opinion of the lighting and overall look of this shot?
  132. Music For Minds Michigan State University
  133. College project help!
  134. Do you think this director has the right attitude when it comes to filmmaking?
  135. DSLR rig/cage help
  136. Doc filmmaker on budget looking to upgrade gear. NEED SUGGESTIONS
  137. I need some advice for my honours project!
  138. Paid Job What do people always want you to make that you never say yes to?
  139. My Film
  140. No Pay Job Starting out making Real Estate promotional videos
  141. Canon 80 Video grainy/noisy
  142. Updates to FilmmakerForum
  143. Dialogue in Film
  144. 2018 Producer Summit - Hollywood
  145. Any Filmmakers out there who played SOCOM?
  146. Proxy Puzzle in Premier Pro! Need Help!
  147. Gimbal vs new Camera - what to buy?
  148. Any screenwriters or directors who live in Dublin or around Dublin
  149. DJI Osmo+: is it still relevant?
  150. Advice me on new camera
  151. Use video equipment for recording studio audio
  152. a question about color
  153. What do you think of this day for night test?
  154. Questions reguarding in body stabilization with gimbles.
  155. Hell yeah this place is still alive
  156. Does it look bad to show up at acting auditions without a confirmation time?
  157. Does sharing a director's credit look bad in this sense?
  158. How good is iPOP when it comes to helping you get your foot in the door?
  159. Any gimbals that can support long zoom lenses?
  160. No Pay Job Should I move to LA when im 20??
  161. Film short about a floating woman.
  162. Is good to use footage from other movies, when making a documentary?
  163. Considdering plans for a nudist type film
  164. Awesome Event
  165. Looking to Buy Item
  166. GH5: would you shoot 25p or 50p my UHD documentaries around the world?
  167. Hi Everybody! Do you have a cool short film you think deserves more exposure?
  169. How do I get this type of look for a scene?
  170. No Pay Job A light but effective steadycam for GH5?
  171. Dolly vs. zhiyun crane
  172. Trying to find a short film I watched about a man looking after a dog (who was a man)
  173. What should I do about this location shooting dilemma?
  174. Question about attracting filmmakers to a documentary project with no script.
  175. What kind of tool did they use to eliminate vibration in the camera here?
  176. Is it worth getting this lens for this purpose?
  177. How long of a boompole would I need for wide mastershots?
  178. Question about using a gimbal.
  179. Glidecam HD-PRO vs. Devin Graham Signature Glidecam.
  180. Do you think this camera movement would look weird to today's audience?
  181. How Can Find My Audience ?
  182. Is it bad of a director to take on additional crew duties?
  183. What aspect ratio should I shoot with, when mixing archival footage?
  184. Not offending cameramen by checking viewfinder
  185. How should I proceed with this pre-production problem as director?
  186. What should I choose between a dolly or a slider?
  187. Take a look at this Short I made PLEASE
  188. Medical Adviser Advice
  189. What can I do about this ND filter problem for a scene shoot?
  190. How many takes for actors, is too many?
  191. Camera movement vs. out of focus, what is more important?
  192. Paid Job Indie neo-folk band seeking filmmaker for music video
  193. Is my DP correct when we should use a gimbal to achieve these types of shots?
  194. Question about color correction for my short film.
  195. Audio in 8mm Film
  196. How can we make this website more popular?
  197. What lens would I need for these types of shots?
  198. Is this lens worth buying for a feature film shoot?
  199. What can I do to get find better locations for my projects?
  200. What are some good books about having to go outside the box on cinematography?
  201. What do you think of my lens zooming look?
  202. Any thoughts on how to get a camera real high, safely?
  203. Would the Delkin Fat Gecko get me shots like this, without too much shake?
  204. How can I stop a tripod from going shooting on a slant while shooting outdoors?
  205. directors salary
  206. If I can only afford one piece of equipment, between these two, which one?
  207. Being director and sound recorder at the same time, bad idea?
  208. Interview about DETOURS feature
  209. T7i or Black Magic
  210. Do you think that this type of zooming looks good on camera?
  211. Full Frame vs. APS-C sensor.
  212. Newb gonna make a hockey coach movie for non profit... please help me
  213. Having trouble using blankets for audio.
  214. How does one prevent a foo machine from setting off fire alarms while shooting?
  215. What lens was used to get this shot?
  216. Offering Quality Mastering for your Audio Tracks and Effects.
  217. wonder why I can't attach an image to a post
  218. Gimbal
  219. Getting permits after the fact
  220. Is there a way to calculate aspect ratio in pixels?
  221. Is it me, or do gimbals kind of suck for slow movement compared to faster?
  222. Standard in film edit to to add a title still in beginning stating "in 5.1 audio" ?
  223. Looking to build a team for my production in kuala lumpur
  224. Do you think zooming on the lens looks good, in these cases?
  225. Film camera
  226. Is my camera faulty for doing this?
  227. Making first film
  228. Does it look bad to ask the DP and crew to use my equipment instead of what they have
  229. When to boom and when to tilt, with the camera?
  230. Car mount vs. green screen, for car shots.
  231. Can you help me with a Storyline
  232. Do I HAVE TO use a high shutter speed for this effect?
  233. Where can a filmmaker find better actors?
  234. No Pay Job Cinematographer 16mm
  235. Question about how they did this lens effect in film riot.
  236. What format do you present your storyboards in to your DP and crew?
  237. Bubbles- NEW 2018 Experimental SCI-FI Short Film
  238. Projects with VFX?
  239. Where can I find a really good cinematographer?
  240. Question about light stand adapters
  241. Does anyone have issues with their gimbals making noises while recording dialogue?
  242. Interview re Attaching Name Actors
  243. Intro to Producing for Screenwriters - June 2019 seminar
  244. Short film- Needing feedback PLEASE HELP
  245. The Blair Witch Project vs. Unfriended Why one was better then the other?
  246. Should I post a short film to get opinions before the final cut?
  247. What's a good fluid head tripod for these needs?
  248. Multiple cameras vs. single camera, which do you prefer and why?
  249. What do you think of this type of lighting for this purpose?
  250. Martin Scorsese Short ‘The Audition’