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  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Review (No Spoilers)
  2. Camera question...
  3. Question about crossing the 180 line while filming.
  4. No Pay Job I have an idea for a movie. But i am a terrible script writer.
  5. What happened to my profile on here?
  6. Finished my 2nd short film
  7. Are there any filmmakers from North Carolina?
  8. Is it a bad impression of a director does not start out as a DP first?
  9. Anyone own or have experience with the JVC GY-HM170UA 4KCAM?
  10. New Member Author
  11. Having trouble with my DSLR. Please help!!
  12. iPhone 5s video?
  13. iPhones & SmartPhones for shooting independent videos?
  14. Making my first films
  15. No Pay Job Hello I'm Daniel
  16. Back from SLAMDANCE
  17. Back in the saddle.
  18. Double Post Issue
  19. New blog post: "Detours" screening for cast, crew, & special guests
  20. How to ask for locations?
  21. Short Film Dialogue
  22. "Detours" to Premiere in Saint Petersburg, FL
  23. film cut - transition question
  24. Great video on blocking
  25. New user with some noobie questions
  26. I need some technical help...
  27. How can I intercut between a dozen action scenes, and make it good?
  28. Potentially good news.
  29. Double Post Issue - Solved - New theme underway!
  30. Basic Softbox Lighting Setup
  31. 1600 HOURS trailer
  32. Mustang Line Lock
  33. Repulsion-inspired short film
  34. How much of a movie's budget, should go to buying the screenplay?
  35. Getting rid of the author
  36. I script made, another purchased for 2016 production
  37. DETOURS - Great Premiere at the Sunscreen Film Festival
  38. AMA #1 - Nick Soares Filmmaking
  39. New cheesy short film
  40. Post Your indie Film on This Site.
  41. Older Canon 5D mark II and Magic Lantern for feature film shooting
  42. The Animation Animal
  43. new 5d mk3 user help
  44. Update on "Proof" (2017)
  45. Looking for specific sound effect/music for a video. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE
  46. Great training
  47. Podcast Interview on Women in Film
  48. No Pay Job has anyone else noticed the changes to most films with script and actors
  49. Finding Work
  50. How do amateur film makers find actors
  51. No Pay Job looking to start an armature dramatics group in Portsmouth UK.
  52. 8 minute crime/drama short
  53. Any place for Sony NEX-EA50 noise profiles? (Neat Video)
  54. Clip Scoring - Two Birds with One Stone~
  55. Question about how to avoid aperture diffraction.
  56. Crowd Fund - Need help
  57. Britain out of Europe
  58. Any great filmmaking courses/summer schools in Europe? Or on internet?
  59. Short Film BREXICO (Great Britain and Mexico secret relationship)
  60. Great paid screenwriting courses/workshops? (online or locational)
  61. American flag clip from DETOURS for July 4
  62. How To Start?
  63. Working With Police on Film Sets
  64. Question about the shooting style of El Mariachi (1992).
  66. Bad Distribution Deals
  67. Free Summer Holiday Film Project
  68. Camera Suggestions? DSLR vs Camcorder - Budget of ~$1,000
  69. Producers
  70. No Pay Job a call for making a short film with another director
  71. DSLR lens
  72. File size for a 56 minutes video HD 1080 29.97fps for TV Broadcast?
  73. Great Screening at LIIFE and Award Nomination
  74. Gray matter [sci-fi/short film]
  75. My New short film
  76. Short Comedy Film
  77. Feature film in the works!
  78. Photos, Locations, & Thanks
  79. Short Film about Teenage Prostitution
  80. Lens suggestions for a Canon 5d Mk ii?
  81. Simple Lives - An Original concept Webseries
  82. Two Upcoming DETOURS Screenings
  83. Arcadia [sci-fi/drama/thriller]
  84. How do I know if a script is worth making?
  85. Camera purchase in 2 years, 4k only?
  86. The Web Series Podcast
  87. Make videos with a smartphone
  88. New blog post
  89. Places to get experience for passionate yet unexperienced filmmaker
  90. Should I just make my own movies and forget about helping other people, after this?
  91. Calling any ex-SOCOM players or Gamer's.
  92. Great DETOURS screening at The Strand Theater
  93. Christmas Short animated Film
  94. DETOURS at the Golden Door Film Festival
  95. How to become a movie director
  96. Pricing an Indie Film
  97. CG or Puppets
  98. Live production issue SDI+AUX to HDMI
  99. Survey concerning authenticity and aesthetic quality of orchestra simulations
  100. Film Education Youtube Channel Question
  101. Paid Job Looking for DP
  102. Must viewing for beginning filmmakers
  103. Dispatch [short film/thriller]
  104. Continuous Lighting purchase help needed
  105. What do you think of my short film idea?
  106. Post Approval
  107. Short Films
  108. Need Help Deciding on a Camera
  109. Of codecs and containers, mp4 vs. .mov
  110. How do I become comedy triple threat
  111. Do non-English countries care if the movie is in English?
  112. DETOURS feature - the lemonade stand scene
  113. I have an idea for a short film but have no idea where to start!
  114. Can someone help me find a job in a video production firm.
  115. Focal Reducer
  116. Help me choose my next piece of gear!
  117. Next On the "To DO" List: A New Poster
  118. What camera should I buy?
  119. Deciding a camera - Low Budget
  120. Stunned at what's happening
  121. Great DETOURS Review Made my Weekend
  122. Canon 6D or Canon 80D or something else?
  123. We build affordable motorized sliders !
  124. Joke wars - panto parliament david cameron"s secret joke writer
  125. How to (Properly) Shoot a night time Scene?
  126. Looking for Suggestions !
  127. An Engagement on the 'big screen'
  128. DETOURS on Amazon Prime Friday November 25
  129. In need of guidance before I invest into a couple of video cameras...
  130. Composer looking for projects!
  131. Something Good in LA to Eat!
  132. Sony A7II s S-log
  133. DETOURS now on Amazon Prime!
  134. Ursa Mini 4k or Production Camera 4k?
  135. What Accessories Are Absolutely Necessary for a Red One MX?
  137. Lethal warriors v [short film]
  138. How long will it take to learn martial arts for this type of role?
  139. Your view on music licensing
  140. Short film versus Micro film
  141. No Pay Job New novel coming, script after that
  142. Delightful DETOURS Reviews
  143. Any external shot markers or portable shot markers to record time codes
  144. Game Show
  145. Green Screen Question
  146. Help IDing Lens on this Shot
  147. Do any gopros, not have the fisheye look?
  148. How much can make up de-age an actor?
  149. The highs and lows of filmmaking
  150. Should I start my own film studio?
  151. New group on Facebook for Hollywood Filmmakers
  152. Among us [short film/mockumentary]
  153. Re release of previously produced film with new edit
  154. No Pay Job Voice Actors Needed
  155. Wind and Dust Effects on Camera
  156. Is this a good investment offer or is it a rip off?
  157. Give us your support please!
  158. Camera Help Needed
  159. Phone gimbal/ext mic
  160. What is this tool in Premiere Pro called?
  161. Building a Library of Images for Everyone
  162. Match resolutions if using slow mo.
  163. Question about color grading in Premiere Pro.
  164. How do I know if film school is worth it?
  165. To shy to film in public
  166. What kind of rig is best for shooting in a car?
  167. No Pay Job DIY Green Screen
  168. Am I Okay Taking My Camera Gear On Plane?
  169. Colour, the forgotten component.
  170. Question about recording audio and matching perspective on set.
  171. I need help buying a new camera.
  172. Should I use a dolly, or steadicam in this case, or something else?
  173. Is DIY equipment really worth it, compared to professional?
  174. Behavior
  175. Hello world! ! . . . Part of it anyway..
  176. Question about lighting at night in camera.
  177. Superbowl Commercials
  178. Call for free submissions to new short film competition site!
  179. Bestseller FREE Downloads
  180. The Art Of Basic Rotoscoping in Monochrome.
  181. Help Each Other Out!
  182. Prop Money for short film
  183. How To Protect Your Sitcom Idea and Script?
  184. Film production logo intro question
  185. Can someone help me understand the mindset of these movie production companies?
  186. Are there prop guns you can buy, that can do this?
  187. Indievice - Smartphone film making
  188. Where could I get a polygraph prop in this case?
  189. Can I Do/Show This In My Documentary?
  190. Feedback for my music video...
  191. How can I get actors to be okay with doing ADR in this case?
  192. Paid Job Im looking to pay someone in London to teach me the basics
  193. Sound People - Need some advice!
  194. The Mechanic, a 60 sec doc shot on the Ursa Major 4K.
  195. The Girl with the Golden Chain (2017)
  196. Question about storyboarding, and the 180 degree rules.
  197. What camera should i buy
  198. Unit Still Photography
  199. Series of Newbie Questions
  200. How much money to ask for from corporate sponsors?
  201. Wireless HD Video Transmission
  202. Heard of Boling led light?
  203. Working in the Film Industry
  204. Is it possible to make a short film on your own, nobody will help me
  205. Is my first short film too ambitious for a student?
  206. Which camera is better: the Canon 5Dm3 with ML or the FUJI X-T2?
  207. Can I permanently fuse subtitles to video in Premiere Pro?
  208. Is it true that you have to make these types of movies to be successful likely?
  209. X-Ray Effect in Film
  210. Resolution
  211. New TV Show could use some advice
  212. Has anyone made fake money for a movie before?
  213. How do you tell the focal length, of cartoon characters?
  214. What can I do about this prop problem for my plot?
  215. Technical Help Please
  216. A to Q on Actors contacting Casting...
  217. How can I fake a prop being in the scene with VFX, if possible?
  218. What's the best Youtube alternative out there??
  219. Looking for Filmmakers to test new music licensing platform Discount for first users!
  220. LX100 vs Canon 7D for music video?
  221. Bootstrap method for raising funds
  222. 1080p Optimized Equipment
  223. Has anyone used airsoft pistols for filmmaking before?
  224. Best amateur camera for filmmaking?
  225. Eyes of the City (2017)
  226. What should I do about this film school problem?
  227. Line Up Phantom Cameras | HIGH SPEED RECORDING
  228. The zcam e1 (or other cameras under 800€ that shoot 4k)
  229. Question about the plot to Timecrimes (2007)
  230. What's the difference?
  231. Sundance-award film sound mixer reveals the power of sound editing, design, & mixing
  232. Master: can we engage Ivanka Marie Trump as Joanna’s actress?
  233. What do you think of the multi-camera set up?
  234. Need some help
  235. Paid Job Aspiring documentary footage needs a skilled filmmaker (Pacific NW area)
  236. Will this track dolly be right for this type of scene shoot?
  237. What do you think of actors rehearsing and line readings?
  238. Do you think it's bad to ask for food on shoots in this case?
  239. Question about storyboarding shots.
  240. New Movie, what do you think?
  241. Am I being unfair by letting this actor go?
  242. Online Film Course
  243. Using an Android device as a field monitor?
  244. Dolly vs. Jib
  245. Is There A Way To Connect A Mic To My Camera?
  246. There is a black spot on my footage, and I can't clean it off.
  247. Reasonable business model?
  248. $135 Camera Car Mount
  249. Question about breaking the 180 degree rule.
  250. Who calls 'cut' in this type of situation?