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  1. Is the forum dying?
  2. Can A Found Footage Movie Have Music?
  3. Die Nibelungen
  4. The Filmmaker's Eye
  5. GoPro camera - incar
  6. How is shooting a horror movie, cheaper than other genres?
  7. SideCar Cinema Launch
  8. The Birds
  9. Promo/Trailer/Teaser for a short film
  10. 'How to make a film' Season 1 launching soon!
  11. Glad to be back to Filmmaking
  12. How much cameras?
  13. Low Budget Monitor for DSLR Camera
  14. I made A short movie about dreaming
  15. Poor Little Rich Girl (1917)
  16. It Happened One Night
  17. Should I credit myself multiple times if I wore almost all the hats?
  18. La belle et la bÍte
  19. I have to choose as to what is less distracting to the audience, between two shots.
  20. Do I have to show an erect penis for the audience to understand this?
  21. FujiFilm x100t
  22. Where Can I Watch The Golden Globes In Australia?
  23. The Ivies - Ithaca College Thesis Film / TV Show!
  24. Sherlock Holmes/Columbo
  25. Do Drug Dealers Use Drug Themselves?
  26. How do I conceal information from the audience in this scenario...?
  27. Oscar Noms
  28. Which screenplay would appeal to more audiences do you think?
  29. Canon 600D or New Desktop?
  30. question about script breakdowns
  31. Best Camera for $600
  32. what is the difference between "story" and "screenplay"?
  33. City Lights
  34. How Do You Get Reviews For Your Film
  35. How To Make A Good War Film?
  36. Audio in Short Film
  37. "Surviving Family" now on Amazon streaming and CineVolt, as well as iTunes and dvd
  38. How is this done?
  39. Memories on screen
  40. What is the pre-production process for a typical movie?
  41. Fluorescent bulb in Tungsten fixture
  42. Looking for Co Screenwriter!
  43. My project: Become
  44. question about script breakdowns
  45. Can I make an actor's voice lower, and sexier?
  46. Acting is my passion, but should I star in my own feature, to break in?
  47. Books or articles on 4K?
  48. Confrontation on Location
  49. Oscar Predictions 2015
  50. The Great Train Robbery
  51. Is color grading worth it, if it just produces more noise on H.264 video?
  52. Modern televisions ruin my vision!
  53. Fatty Arbuckle "Back Stage"
  54. What is the difference between a production desiger and an art director?
  55. what is the difference between a film director and a television director?
  56. How are fake news broadcasts in movies usually done?
  57. Rest In Peace Leonard Nimoy
  58. How are musicals typically written?
  59. Need an upgrade to my phone camera.
  60. Is the Color Correction Handbook good for color grading, or just correction?
  61. When applying for jobs as an editor, should I edit movies like this...?
  62. Does it normally take a long time for movies to upload to filmfreeway.com?
  63. What Camera Should I Get?
  64. Shout out to Darious Britt
  65. What's the point of filmfreeway.com?
  66. What should I do?
  67. What's In A Name?
  68. Lenses
  69. Gold Mind
  70. Should I Continue Making Amateur Shorts or Do Something More Professional
  71. Slipknot - Vermillion <---How was it done?
  72. Lenses and mic for short film
  73. Harold Lloyd - Haunted Spooks 1920
  74. It's All In The Face
  75. Question about pixel aspect ratio.
  76. I tested the video with my camera
  77. Bond - James Bond
  78. Birth Of A Nation
  79. Question about how parabolic microphones work.
  80. Kickstart your career in VFX - No Experience required!
  81. question about writing credits
  82. question about credits
  83. Question about using a 'dissolve' in Premiere Pro.
  84. Any film festivals on filmfreeway or withoutabox, worth submitting too?
  85. Tripod Question
  86. A Manny Pacquiao action-comedy feature film
  87. Should I shoot a feature in this style?
  88. Should I set my script in Australia, but shoot in Canada, with local actors?
  89. What Exactly Does a Director Do?
  90. What are the best export settings for DVD?
  91. New Here!
  92. Voice Recorders instead of Wireless Mics
  93. All agents seem to only represent local talent. Can I get an agent in another city?
  94. Happy Easter Everyone
  95. The Ten Commandments
  96. God I wish movies were still made like this
  97. Should I work with these people again on a feature film?
  98. Enemy
  99. "Detours" color correction this week!
  100. I'm having trouble using Encore DVD.
  101. who breaks down the script in a typical film?
  102. cameraman needed for 10 minute rock video in exchange for me working on your project
  103. what is the head of the sound recording department called?
  104. how does the director communicate his vision to everyone during pre-production?
  105. Web Series Trailer
  106. A Double Feature (Salo Spoilers)
  107. Moguls Turning Over In Their Graves
  108. Feedback on student film assignment
  109. No Small Parts
  110. How Can I Come Up With A Simple Idea?
  111. We Need Your Help to Make it to the Cinecoup Top 30
  112. Introduction
  113. Is there a demand for Red DP's in Los Angeles?
  114. Drawing onto old film help
  115. Mobile Filmmaker Forum
  116. Robert Downey Jr bashing on Indie Production
  117. Book about DSLR film making
  118. Wireless Microphone setup
  119. Formatt Hitech ProStop IRND filer flare - what is acceptable?
  120. I Live In The Night - ( Surreal Horror Short Film)
  121. Starting My Freelance Videography Career, Need Some Advice Please!
  122. a little help from you guys pls
  123. Hello everyone
  124. Screen Grab from "Detours"
  125. How Do Some Filmmakers Reach Success So Quickly?
  126. My Rode Reel Film Competition Submission
  127. What is your favorite style of filmmaking
  128. Black magic production camera 4k
  129. Where should I relocate for video work?
  130. Questions about Kickstarter
  131. Should I pay an actor more if they just want to do it for the money?
  132. Hope For Humanity Full Trailer
  133. 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Short Scripts
  134. Everything and More WINGS
  135. Advertising for your Project
  136. Advice for a Director Who's Acting in Their Own Film
  137. Self Distribution
  138. My Introduction
  140. How much saturation in camera is too much would you say?
  141. Steadicam Options
  142. Question about credits
  143. In need of audio advice
  144. Do Short Films Have To Be No Longer Than 15 Minutes?
  145. Critique My Work
  146. My latest short film Imagine Sight
  147. Shootout scenes?
  148. Audio related question
  149. Started a filmmaking blog!
  150. Question about how titles and credits were/are done on 35 mm film
  151. Should I take this to small claims court or are my chances not good?
  152. Good ways to show characters success in films
  153. Camera Thoughts?
  154. How do you feel about the "machinima" genre?
  155. Light gels for halogen
  156. 30-day Film Challenge!
  157. Making my first short
  158. The Best Ways to Promote a New Franchise
  159. "Surviving Family" for $0.99 on CineVolt - this weekend only
  160. Smartphone Audio Enhancement
  161. Anyone here made decent money from their film?
  162. Recommend me some books on film
  163. Recording Audio seperate from Video
  164. Problems with Premiere Pro
  165. Maximizing Depth of Field question
  166. How to clip XLR cables the boom microphone?
  167. Would a 'found footage' thriller work, if I took this new approach?
  168. Seeking contact to London filmmakers
  169. Filmmaking Blog - because there just aren't enough of them :)
  170. Share your experience as filmmakers !
  171. Do films have to have sound in parts without dialogue?
  172. Doing a Wedding
  173. When making DVD covers of your movie, what kind of paper is proper to use?
  174. Looking for Actor
  175. Fun short film
  176. Video Recording
  177. Rode Videomic Go?
  178. Can I achieve this effect without a zoom lens?
  179. Regarding Equipment/DSLRS/Cam-Corders - Camera Confusion!
  180. What is a good cheap field recorder for beginners?
  181. Best Canon DSLR?
  182. how exactly do phone call scenes work?
  183. Question about using Encore DVD.
  184. Itching to get back on SET
  185. BlackMagic URSA
  186. Should we still be gong for the film look?
  187. Help find a suitable but cheap tripod
  188. Premiere Pro & After Effects CC - Workflow (2015)
  189. Hello from Arizona!
  190. Would a short film shot on a DSLR camera be taken seriously at a film festival?
  191. Short Film Help- Anyone can help :)
  192. Fatal Attraction
  193. Final Destination Series
  194. How was this color corrected?
  195. Movie Classics
  196. Is there a list of actors who work non union gigs?
  197. Is getting a movie on pay per view imposssible?
  198. Comedy Sitcom Idea Needed
  199. Types Of Movies
  200. Am I thinking realistically?
  201. Call for Submissions
  202. Anyone want to watch my short?
  203. Tunnel Another Way (My first short film) - feedback appreciated!
  204. How many shots do you see in the first scene of this short film?
  205. Trailer Services for Free
  206. Joss Whedon's "Serenity" - Blue's Beats
  207. New Lens or More Random Gear?
  208. "She's a Doll" short film
  209. lens for filming a concert?
  210. Quirky Comedy Festival
  211. Got an idea? Just let it out.
  212. Is Jenny Wright right?
  213. Looking for suggestions...
  214. How Powerful Is Too Powerful For A Horror?
  215. Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street
  216. Maureen O'Hara has died
  217. Apocalyptic Film Festival
  218. Suggest me a lens please.
  219. Can You Spare three minutes?
  220. Call for entries: SHORT WAVES FESTIVAL 2016
  221. I have a problem with aperture when I zoom with my DSLR.
  222. Mulholand Drive (spoilers)
  223. Tom Waits - I Want You (Nature Montage)
  224. 2016 BlueCat Short Screenplay Competition
  225. How do you get that blue daylight look like some movies have?
  226. Does your film need an original score?!!
  227. Doritos Commercial - Crash The Super Bowl 2016 Contest
  228. The Pen in His Penis
  229. What Do You Think The Online Filmmaking Community Is Missing?
  230. Im Back!
  231. Movies with Extreme Limitations (like 12 angry men, 127 hours, Buried, Brake, Locke)
  232. Why Would A Character Let A Stranger Into His Home?
  233. I Am Working On A Web Series
  234. Details on the proposed Web Series
  235. SmartPhone which can shoot 4K video?
  236. Two Nights, One Day
  237. Are you going to let me post or what?
  238. Rest in peace Robert Loggia
  239. Tips For Writing A Script with Only One Character?
  240. My temporary pro website
  241. Film Festivals...ugh
  242. Is there a word for this?
  243. Short Waves Festival 2016 - SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE
  244. Star Wars - Domestic Gross Predictions
  245. Story baords
  246. Why Is There a Lobster in the Nativity Play (Or, a few thoughts on "Love Actually")
  247. Tips For Writing An Interrogation Short?
  248. Movie recommendations????
  249. Tripod Head
  250. TV Screen not bright enough for studio