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  1. Camera Needs
  2. Finding people for social documentaries
  3. System Type
  4. I'm Back! (Hopefully to stay)
  5. WOOF WOOF short film
  6. Auditions
  7. Using 2 Computers For Video Editing
  8. What do I do about sets with bad colors on a low budget?
  9. Auditions Run By Teen
  10. How do you shoot a shot like The Evil Dead shot?
  11. Dear filmmakers, please watch this short film and share your opinions about the music
  12. Being rewrote
  13. Transformers Age of Extinction: Trailer (Short Film)
  14. Making animated sculptures
  15. Question about getting that color timed look.
  16. Need a name actor; where to start?
  17. Need a little advice - Music Videos
  18. 3D Camcorders
  19. NEW work for picture!
  20. Downlaod Movie and Watch Grand Budapest Hotel Online Free
  21. Question about copying a movie onto DVD.
  22. I've been away for a while
  23. Does it look bad to ask the actors' for opinions?
  24. The Obsession of Illusions (Experimental Film)
  25. Shotgun Microphone
  26. Adding Copyright to DVD
  27. The Strength of Crap
  28. From Sony HDR AX200 to NEX-FS100
  29. Can I recut a musical score and make it sound natural?
  30. DVD Burning Software
  31. ADR - booth or in the field?
  32. No Pay Job live in care work uk :-liveincarers.co/
  33. Should filmmaking be my hobby or my career?
  34. Sony NEX-VG30 - NEX-VG20
  35. Pull Focus Steady cam
  36. Question about a potential sound problem.
  37. Interesting Idea...
  38. Stereo or Surround mix for Grindhouse action feature?
  39. Can I get this shot from inside a car?
  40. Lucky break but unprepared!
  41. Question about making this binocular shot work.
  42. Lumix Gh 2 with Century Anamorphic Lens 1.33x
  43. What are the first things to think about when wanting to make an own movie?
  44. Do you make your own movie-music, or do you get permission to use someone elses music
  45. Question about color grading.
  46. Does anyone got an example of how a plot should look like?
  47. NAB 2014 New Gear Anouncements
  48. RIP Mickey Rooney
  49. Does anyone have experience with the Rode NTG-2?
  50. Question about using 'picture styles' for filmmaking'.
  51. Lanc Remote Control
  52. tips on canned laughter?
  53. Paid Job TentSquare.com searches for Directors and DP's
  54. Camera Rigs
  55. 360 Camera Rig
  56. Help my film "The Audition" make it to Hollywood!
  57. New to filmmaking, Loving it! Questions about microphones?
  58. Question about color temperature and shooting.
  59. New music for my fellow filmmakers
  60. Cool Yet So UnCool
  61. Question about stereo format.
  62. I need to get the ball rolling, so....
  63. Question about Non Disclosure Agreements.
  64. Do you know of Epagogix?
  65. 2014's Top Filmmaking Website
  66. Wireless field monitor for GH 2
  67. Lone Wolf Pictures
  68. 10k-250k film grants from Mountain Dew
  69. No Pay Job Product testers wanted
  70. I need an interview
  71. Need Some Help With A Strategy For Lenses
  72. Film Making Workshop Tour
  73. Parabolic Microphone
  74. In need of follow focus ring gear tester
  75. My new film journalism project
  76. Filming in a UK church
  77. Question about shooting with digital cameras.
  78. Should I star and direct in a feature to show my acting?
  79. Stop motion puppet parts?
  80. Tooting My Own Horn
  81. Association
  82. desired equipment protection
  83. Should I buy a new lens or a zoom h1?
  84. Where can I get critique for my projects?
  85. pitch to help the film making community become more recognised
  86. Question about shooting flat.
  87. Script Cost
  88. Short horror film idea
  89. Format riddle anyone?
  90. Shoot a video about traveling and win flight tickets! :)
  91. Looking for Cheap, HD Camcorder With Focus Ring!
  92. Sony a77 slow motion
  93. Need help winning a grant competition for short films
  94. Sony NEX EA50
  95. Any thoughts on Roger Corman?
  96. Is the budget on a film mostly spent on paying people (crew and actors, etc)?
  97. Canon C100 Setup Overview
  98. Sony NEX EA50 Digital Zoom Test
  99. Looking For Available Videographers In Different Locations For Hire
  100. Distribber Reporting Tool & Calculator
  101. Where to find costumes on low budget?
  102. Looking for a composer for my short film!
  103. Audio
  104. E&O Insurance
  105. 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Entries
  106. Can I make deep DOF look good?
  107. How do I match Gopro footage, with footage shot FLAT, from another camera.
  108. Motion Picture Lighting and Grip Equipment Industry News Website Launched
  109. French cinematic composer
  110. No Pay Job Downtown la Comedy
  111. Magic lantern
  112. Cine Gear 2014
  113. Need Help
  114. Just got a bunch of older editing equipment, help?
  115. Beginners' Tutorials
  116. Game of Thrones - wonky horizon shots?
  117. How can I be time-efficient when filming?
  118. Competitive Gaming Documentary
  119. Help with finding film makers in my area?
  120. Need Some tips to make a Short Film.
  121. Is it worth going to a film school if...?
  122. Pictures or Productions
  123. Web Series...?
  124. Question about casting a certain actress.
  125. Company Name Change?
  126. Looking for Critique On Short Film
  127. Audio/Film Recording (H4N) question!
  128. I don't know which camera to get!!!!
  129. In camera contrast VS. make up.
  130. First filmmaking camera - Which to choose?
  131. Want to build up my site. please suggest.
  132. Does This Make Sense?
  133. How much gore should I have but not have it be an 'exploitation film'.
  134. What Camera Should I Get?
  135. Collaboration for interesting project
  136. 2015 BlueCat Movie Title Contest
  137. In camera vs. post
  138. UNUSUAL 3D Animation HORROR Short Film!
  139. More Noise at 50p than 24p? Common? Nikon D3200
  140. Greetings! Looking for camera suggestions
  141. Good News Today video I made! Let me know what y'all think =)
  142. The BlueCat Screenwriting Workshops
  143. How much noise is acceptable in night shooting?
  144. Camera Bike for Sale
  145. HELP!! - Production Pricing
  146. How to get actors when you don't know anyone?
  147. Hello!
  148. L A Morgan has a brand new website
  149. What camera style do you think is best, or SAFEST when making a movie?
  150. Camera Advice Please
  151. Is this weird sound on the soundtrack going to be a problem?
  152. Cloning, split screen troubles
  153. Help With Special FX!
  154. Questionnaire for Filmmakers
  155. Scope Shots?
  156. The Freemason - Now On iTunes!
  157. A Teaser for a short film I have worked on
  158. University of British Columbia for Film Production
  159. Where do you come up with your ideas for screenplays?
  160. The BlueCat Weekly Screenwriting Newsletter
  161. BlackMagic/Lenses & GoPro Footage
  162. Help Out Our Student Film by Giving Us Critique.
  163. What lens do I need to get this type of shot?
  164. I'd like to get my feet wet.
  165. Please help me with this!
  166. Hello and help needed choosing software
  167. No Pay Job Beautiful Acoustic instrumentals for anyone interested
  168. BlueCat Movie Title Contest DEADLINE APPROACHING!
  169. GH4 XLR Adapter/Preamp?
  170. Advice for a director
  171. Looking for a film expert
  172. No Pay Job problem with editing
  173. Hey Guys!
  174. How do I get the shot used in Carrie (1976)?
  175. How do I make daytime scenes, scary for a horror movie?
  176. How do I get directors to listen to my suggestions to keep them out of trouble?
  177. Would any of you like your shorts reviewed?
  178. Script to Shot Film/non-budget --Walk Through?
  179. Trying to get through to film festivals.
  180. Looking for a colorist for my short film!
  181. No Pay Job Advice For Casting
  182. Camera Suggestions
  183. can you use airbnb for film scouting?
  184. "Surviving Family" is now on iTunes!
  185. DSLR Filmschool on Kickstarter - Learn capture, color grading, and more!
  186. Having trouble using youtube, to show my work.
  187. How do I make gunshots more convincing?
  188. Freelancing or Joining a Company?
  189. Lightning For Videography and Film
  190. Love Story
  191. Time Elapse Ideas for Narrative Music Video?
  192. Should I send a movie to festivals without color grading it?
  193. Blocking actors?
  194. Invention Ideas for film making or General?
  195. Super Cheap Stock Footage
  196. Sample clips of different sized resolution footage to download?
  197. How should I direct this scenario?
  198. How important is shallow DOF?
  199. How can you afford to be an "up-to-date" independent filmmaker?
  200. Film Connection/ Starting out
  201. Should I get this camera?
  202. Question about matching eyelines while shooting.
  203. Charlie Chaplin Collection
  204. The Rivalry -- Horror short taking the web by storm.
  205. No Pay Job Removing music
  206. Should I shoot my own script, or buy one?
  207. Need some advice..
  208. How do I get Premiere Pro to accept DNxHD export?
  209. Infrared time-lapses in New Zealand feedback
  210. Screenwriting Tips & Advice in the BlueCat Weekly Screenwriting Newsletter
  211. The Sinatra tribute, And Maybe Romance, fund raiser is under way
  212. looking for local film makers
  213. What does the Ninja Recorder do exactly?
  214. Setbacks suck
  215. Shot Identification? *Breaking Bad spoilers
  216. how to go pro from noob?
  217. Surviving Family is now on Distribber Instant!
  218. Looking for Christian Latent Projects
  219. Just Finished A New Short Looking For Feedback
  220. AFM
  221. Hello again
  222. If filmmakers make films (movies)...
  223. Is lighting necessary?
  224. Camera Question
  225. The BEST camera for Filmmaking
  226. How do you make a split screen effect look good, and not cheesy?
  227. How Do I Avoid Writing a Terrible Slasher Flick?
  228. Us Sinners On American Horrors
  229. 1 Week until the 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Deadline!
  230. Looking for film crew in NY city with experience in filming pianists.
  231. Do I need the Spyder to calibrate my monitor?
  232. Exclusive Interview With ‘Birdman’ Screenwriter: BlueCat Screenplay Competition
  233. Check Out the Latest Screenwriting Articles from BlueCat
  234. Cats fight to the death
  235. Is their an audience for this type of movie, if it's animated?
  236. "Surviving Family" is now available on DVD!
  237. A Deep Film Question
  238. Motion Blur removed from newer TVs
  239. Can You Have Too Many Plot Twists?
  240. DJGoobster ft. SkrubREKR - Thug Life (MUSIC VIDEO)
  241. Is it worth doing a short film with no PSM?
  242. Final Reminder: BlueCat Screenplay Competition Deadline -- November 15th
  243. Cheap Shoulder Rig
  244. Cheap Lights???
  245. Is it possible to shoot a goodlooking movie in a camera that shoots at H.264?
  246. Metropolis
  247. Demo Reel Music?
  248. how do you feel this
  249. Web Series
  250. What media player should I use, since they give movies different looks?