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  1. Marketplace RULES [Must Read]
  2. Micro budget feature "Entitled"
  3. ME AND A GUN (currently under option-see details)
  4. Broken Hearts
  5. The Compactor
  6. Feature Feature Thriller availible!
  7. Feature Crystal's Odyssey (Feature lengthed thriller/adventure)
  8. Feature Identity Fusion Psych Thriller FOR SALE
  9. Feature Script for sale - "The Devil's Nursery"
  10. Short Script For Sale - Short 2-page Script
  11. Feature (Back on the Market) Script for sale - Entitled
  12. Short Escapees
  13. Feature Seeds of Freedom - TV thriller for sale about the rise and fall of a terror group
  14. Feature ONe Bad Penny - TV Thriller Series (6x1hr) Pilot - Any interest?
  15. Short Quandary - a bizarre mystery /drama
  16. Feature The Old Phone - 100 min low budget horror feature available
  17. Feature The Resurrected - Gripping fast paced 2 hr horror for YA audience.
  18. Feature A Gift of Wood - 100 min. Voodoo horror thriller feature script available
  19. Short S.O.S. Empty Sofas
  20. Short Untimely Affairs (Vampires are romantic figures)