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  95. Anybody interested?
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  106. Composer Available for 2015
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  109. Experienced Composer & Sound Designer Available
  110. Daniel Thompson: Director
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  112. No Pay Job Northern Virginia
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  114. Royalty Free Music
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  116. USA Network Show "Royal Pains" Now Casting
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  118. Experimental Electronic Composer looking for Sci-Fi/Horror/Thriller project to join.
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  120. Royalty-free music by HallaFreakquency
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  123. it is appropriate to post jobs for lesbian sex scenes?
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  126. FRACTURES - Composer & Sound Designer (Demo Reel)
  127. No Pay Job Hello! I'm looking for student filmmakers interested in creating music video
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  130. Getting informed about casting calls and audtions
  131. Is anyone looking for a composer for their movie?
  132. Actor Wanted Need actor for 2017 Bigfoot horror film
  133. Composer Looking For New Projects
  134. Professional Composer
  135. No Pay Job Camera Operator, Cross Country Motorcycle Documentary
  136. Available Composer
  137. Audio artist (music, voice, sfx) looking for work and/or credits.
  138. Pablo Marcelo Belmar - Filmmaker First Experimental Reel
  139. Actor Wanted Actors needed in the Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under Lyme area, for 'The Moonchild'
  140. 3D Artist looking for awesome projects to join!
  141. Experienced film music composer looking to collaborate on short film projects
  142. One man show - Talented sound designer
  143. Experienced Composer available!
  144. Demo reel-Looking for work
  145. Hello from Chicago, Composer and Sound Designer for Horror, Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi
  146. Looking For A Talented Actor Male in 30's NO PAYMENT only credits (Malaysia)
  147. No Pay Job Sound efx and audio editor....to collaborate
  148. Ninichi | Freelance Composer Available for Hire
  149. No Pay Job Animator for Collaboration Project
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  152. young actors
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  155. My Dream
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