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  1. Action On Film Festival
  2. Tyler Film Festival
  3. Once a Week Online Film Festival call for entries
  4. 2012 Madison Horror Film Festival deadline 09/28/12
  5. Cambridge Film Festival Highlights video
  6. Enter The A.V. Club's short film competition and win $10K
  7. Halloween Horor Film Challenge 2012
  8. Call for Entry: Dawn Breakers Int'l Film Festival
  9. NEW! TROPFEST Micro Film Festival
  10. Call for Entries: Roslyn (PA) Film Festival - March 2013
  11. Short Films, call for entries
  12. AV Format Berlin Seeking Submissions
  13. Open call for entries: 2013 Sacramento International Film Festival
  14. California International Film Foundation
  15. Open call for entry: Sacramento International Film Festival 2013
  16. Jaxon Film Fest Wants Best Available Film Shorts for Expanded Program-Promises Prizes
  17. Colchester Film Festival - Call For Entries 2013
  18. Sundance London x Nokia Music Contest !!
  19. 12th Annual Great Lakes International Film Festival Call for Entries
  20. Austin Film Festival 2013: Call for Entries
  21. Enter No Film-Film Festival 2: Win a Black Magic Cinema Camera
  22. 9th Annual Film Festival
  23. Austin Film Festival announces Awardees: Demme, Gilligan, Josephson
  24. Help/Advice
  25. Call for films Zombie Cinefest 2013 $1000.00 grand prize
  26. 2013 Eerie Horror Film Festival Call for Entries
  27. 2014 Flagship City International Film Festival Call for Entries
  28. Just submitted my short film to Sundance...
  29. Screening "Surviving Family" June 22 [at] Manhattan Film Festival
  30. Scenecs 2013
  31. There Shall Be Popcorn! - Independent Film Festival - Call for Entries
  32. Scenecs 2013
  33. Call for entries, "15-Minutes of Fame" in Cocoa Beach Florida
  34. Call for Entries: Innsbruck Nature Film Festival
  35. Screamfest 2013 » The ‘Sundance of Horror’ is Calling for Entries
  36. Once a week Online Film Festival
  37. Top 30 Short Film Festivals in the World
  38. Action On Film Festival - AOF 2013
  39. Paid Job 48 GO GREEN seeking City Producers
  40. Sundance Film Festival 2014 » Film Entry Now Open
  41. Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles
  42. Austin Film Festival Final Deadline- THIS MONDAY!
  43. Film Festivals - How to
  44. Superman Man of Steel Zod Mask
  45. Anyone member here going to AOF? (Action on Film Festival)
  46. Independent Days 14|Filmfest - Call for Entries
  47. Call for entries for the 2014 Cut To The Chase Film Festival
  48. Inviting Film Submission for Silicon Valley Film Festival, 2013, Last Date Nov. 3rd
  49. Call for Entries for 2014 San Francisco International Film Festival
  50. Jersey Gore Film Festival (sumbit free till jan 5th 2014!)
  51. Submission Deadline Approaching for 2014 Minneapolis St Paul International Film Fest
  52. Call For Entries - Tally Shorts Film Festival
  53. Call for Entries: Incredibly Short Film Festival (ISFF14)
  54. The Gadabout Film Festival
  55. No Pay Job Colchester Film Festival 2014 - FREE Film Submissions
  56. Call For Entries: Trenton Film Festival
  57. Golden Door Film Festival Jersey City Call For Entries
  58. Are film festivals a waste of time and money?
  59. Call for Entires -- Austin Film Festival
  60. Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2014 Call for Entries
  61. Best Festivals
  62. Preferential Treatment
  63. Last call for submissions!
  64. Slater Brothers' Hamilton International Film Festival
  65. $48,000 reasons to enter 48 Film Project Online Short Film Competition
  66. Red Carpet anyone?
  67. Nocturne Six world premiere!
  68. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Headline International Film Festival
  69. Call for entries for shnit OPEN 2014!
  70. Film Festival vendor booths
  71. Submit your film to Austin Film Festival!!!
  72. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Lone Star Film Festival
  73. Last chance, Thurrock International Film Festival!
  74. Call for Entries: FOR FILTH! A Night of Queer, Southern Short Films
  75. How to contact filmmaker to use my site for their revenue sharing.
  76. Viewster Online Film Festival - please help!
  77. Call 4 entries: Innsbruck nature film festival
  78. CALL FOR ENTRIES: The IAFOR International Documentary Film Awards
  79. Call for Submissions: Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival
  80. Shadows is entered in two Short Film Festivals
  81. Silicon Valley Film Festival, 2014 - Inviting movies - 2 months to submit
  82. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Lake Champlain International Film Festival
  83. Submit to Headline International Film Festival! Plus Spring 2014 winners announced!
  84. LATE DEADLINE - Lone Star Film Festival
  85. Zoetrope Screenplay Contest
  86. The Gadabout Film Fest on tour!
  87. LMT calls for entries: 1 minute short films (8 prizes)
  88. FREE to enter 60hr Film Challenge
  89. World Nomads Travel Film Scholarship to Mexico
  90. deadCENTER Film Festival 2015 Call for Submissions
  91. Call for entries, "15-Minutes of Fame" film festival, Orlando Florida
  92. CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2015 Tally Shorts Film Festival
  93. HIFF Official Selection Announcement and Open Call -Deadline November 30th
  94. Call for Entries: The 2015 Hang on to Your Shorts Film Festival in Asbury Park, NJ
  95. No Pay Job Call for Entries: HISTORY Seeks Exciting Characters - $25K Production Budget
  96. February 28th Deadline - Headline International Film Festival 2015
  97. Edinburgh short film festival 2015: Call for entries
  98. Call for Entries: CINE Golden Eagle Award for Independent & Emerging Media
  99. Call for Entries: 9th Annual Lone Star Film Festival
  100. 2015 SPIRIT QUEST FILM FESTIVAL Call for Entries!
  101. 12th Annual Eerie Horror Film Festival Call for Entries Now Open!
  102. shooting format and sound mix for submission to withoutabox.com
  103. Call For Entries: Trenton Film Festival 2015
  104. No Pay Job Call for Filmmakers - Pioneers 2015
  105. Deadline today: Cine golden eagle awards for independent & emerging media
  106. Selecting festivals to submit to in Florida
  107. Make the next great television drama, sitcom, digital series or unscripted format.
  108. Lone Star Film Festival: One of the "50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee"
  109. Submissions open for HIFF Spring 2015 - deadline May 31
  110. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest
  112. The CAMP CULT CLASSICS FILM FEST Wants Your Films! (Promo Code Included)
  113. Best short film competition - EVER!!
  114. Film Festival guidelines - I'm confused
  115. 2016 SPIRIT QUEST FILM FESTIVAL Call for Entries!
  116. Edinburgh Short Film Festival Deadline Approaching! Also with New Rising Star Award
  117. Have your film seen by Bafta Award Winning / Oscar nominated filmamker
  118. 2016 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival - Call for Entries
  119. Mid level range Film Festival List
  120. 60hr Film Challenge FREE to Enter
  121. 30-Day Apocalyptic Film Challenge
  122. Cast the First Stone in the running in Oaxaca
  123. 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Entries
  124. 4th Annual Tally Shorts Film Festival Call for Entries
  125. BlueCat Movie Title Contest Voting Now Open
  126. Final Deadline Nov 15th! Bluecat Screenplay Competition
  127. No Releases
  128. 2016 Austin Film Festival: Call For Entries!
  129. Edinburgh short film festival 2016: Call for entries
  130. Edinburgh short film festival 2016: Call for entries
  131. Last Call for Submissions for 2016 Season for Hang onto Your Shorts!
  132. Edinburgh short film festival 2016: Call for entries
  133. Submit to the world’s top independent TV festival!
  134. Edinburgh Short Film Festival Submissions Now Open for 2016
  135. 3 Weeks Left! Showcase your work at JFL and the 12th annual NYTVF!
  136. JUST ANNOUNCED: 2016 NYTVF Scripts Competition Accepting Original Sitcom Scripts
  137. TWO WEEKS AWAY: Get your scripts ready to submit!
  138. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest Aught 2016 Season
  139. Deadlines Approaching: Submit to the 12th Annual Independent Pilot Competition!
  140. Deadline for submissions to the 2016 Edinburgh Short Film Festival is Imminent!
  141. Australian film festivals
  142. CALL FOR ENTRIES: 36th Annual Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival
  144. Audience Awards - Fusion Project Earth Documentary Challenge
  145. Now Open for Submissions: Works for Progress – from Participant Media and the NYTVF
  146. 48 Hrs Left: Submit to Works for Progress today!
  147. AT&T Entertainment Project - Call for Short Films!
  148. Call for entries Brightside Tavern Shorts and Hang onto Your Shorts Film Festivals
  149. Edinburgh Short Film Festival Submissions Now Open for 2017
  150. Audience Awards - GoDaddy Small Business Stories Video Contest
  151. FREE to Submit: truTV and NYTVF Seeking Comedic Formats and New Voices
  152. Audience Awards - Home2 Suites Fresh New Way Video Challenge
  153. Has Anyone Used FilmFreeway?
  154. THINK FILM Pro8mm's One Roll Super8 Challenge
  155. Call for Entries to the Silver Scream Festival
  156. New film competition site taking submissions for free all this month!
  157. 19th AAWIC Webisodes Film Festival Challenge
  158. This Is The Last Month To Enter
  159. Early Deadline Approaching: Submit to 13th Annual NYTVF Today!
  160. No Pay Job Call For Submissions: Bright Grove Screening Series (Jersey City, NJ)
  161. Directing Panel with Sean S. Cunningham
  162. Austin Film Festival's early bird deadline to submit films is this Friday!
  163. Call for Entries for 2018 Hang onto Your Shorts and Aug 2017 Brightside Tavern Shorts
  164. Edinburgh Short Film Festivals New Partnership with DC Shorts & Submission Discounts
  165. INDIEMAND Short Film Festival FREE submission!
  166. AT&T Entertainment Project - Call for Short Films! No entry fee!
  167. Paid Job Virginia Is For Film Lovers
  168. Call for Entries: One Week Left to Submit Your Scripts!
  169. Last Chance for Discounted Entry: Submit to the 13th Annual NYTVF!
  170. Reel Louisiana Video Contest
  171. DC Black Film Festival Call For Entries
  172. Pro8MM On-line One Roll Super8 Film Challenge
  173. One Week Left to Submit to the IPC!
  174. Call for entries: Film Daily - Screenwriting Competition
  175. Call for Entries 2018 Hang onto Your Shorts Festival and Brightside Tavern Shorts
  176. Call for entries: The Wayward Festival
  177. Call for entries: Short Film Competition
  178. Can you enter film festivals without attending?
  179. No Pay Job Spring 2018 Entry Calls Hang Onto Your Shorts, Brightside and Point Lookout Fests
  180. Call for entries: Modern Slavery Short Film Competition (drama/docs/animations)
  181. The Wayward Fest – Regular Deadline Reminder: October 13
  182. Grindhouse Planet 48 Hour Film Challenge
  183. Call for Entries: CineLove TV Pilot Festival
  184. Final Call for Entries push for 2017
  185. 14th Annual New York Television Festival: Dates and Deadlines Announced!
  186. Call For Entries: Get $10 Off Your Submission To The Silver Scream Film Fest
  187. Film Festivals Receptive To Longer Short Drama Films?
  188. No Pay Job Call For Entries: Silver Scream Fest Announces Its First Round Picks
  189. Screening: The Creature From The Black Lagoon Rises At The Silver Scream Festival!
  190. Call For Entries: Last Chance To Save $10 On Your Entry Fee
  191. Edinburgh Short Film Festival - Submissions Now Open for 2018!
  192. Call For Entries:
  193. Berlin International Film Festival - Submissions Now Open for 2018!
  194. Call For Entries: Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Enter
  195. Final Call for Entries for Spring Fests
  196. Call For Entries: Two Week Extension Silver Scream Film Fest Submissions
  197. Screening Of Living Among Us With Director And Cast Q&A
  198. Screening Of Living Among Us With Director And Cast Q&A
  199. New York International Children’s Film Festival
  200. Call For Entries: Tuesday The 23rd Is The Last Day
  201. mag interveiw
  202. Celebrate Diversity at Winter Film Awards International Film Festival
  203. WORKSHOP: Sustainable Filmmaking for Indie Filmmakers
  204. PANEL DISCUSSION: All About Distribution for Indie Filmmakers FREE
  205. 2018 GLFF Official Call for Entries
  206. Call for Entries: NYTVF Scripts OPEN for Submissions!
  207. Deadlines Approaching: 2018 NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition
  208. Call for Entries: truTV and the NYTVF partner for 2nd Annual truTV Comedy Breakout In
  209. Short Film Competition - entries in by Friday!
  210. CALL FOR ENTRIES: shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival 2018
  211. Celebrate Diversity in Film! 8th Annual Winter Film Awards CALL FOR ENTRIES
  212. 9:16 video contest
  213. Film Festivals - worth the hassle? Please take the survey!
  214. 2018 US-China Television & Film Innovation Summit
  215. Donosskino 2018 San Sebastian-Donostia
  216. 3rd India international film festival in Goa
  217. Sundance and Slamdance 2019
  218. Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2019 Now Open For Entry! International Tours & Awards
  219. Once a Week Online Film Festival - Call for Entries
  220. Comète Film Festival - You can apply until the May 1st