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  1. No Pay Job Looking for Animators, Modelers,Writers (Creating short Animated Films)
  2. I'm close to win $18,600 in a film contest - Help me get there!
  3. Scene from my horror/thriller screenplay "Limbs"
  4. Scene from my horror/thriller screenplay "Limbs" -with link
  5. Sony NEX-F700 - 240fps
  6. BMPCC - Helmet POV
  7. RAW image files
  8. Looking for footage from MOMA ny
  9. Audio options for documentary
  10. Opinions... What to sacrifice on Low budget film?
  11. AD Wording
  12. filming a classic concert
  13. How Cheap Can They Be?
  14. Speaking In Tongues Pre Production
  15. Need Anything Related to Making Movies?
  16. Web-based Sketch Comedy Show
  17. Best Shotgun Microphone
  18. THE PLAGUE- An Update
  19. Seriously I mean SERIOUSLY?
  20. IDENTITY (Short Film)
  21. Seeking DP and crew for non paying short
  22. Advice regarding unreasonable shooting conditions
  23. Archive footage
  24. How I made a period film with A-list actors and Hollywood sets for under a grand.
  25. Problem while shooting films outside (most likely blown highlights)
  26. Behind-the-Scenes: "Detours" feature film pre-production
  27. First Camera?
  28. Paid Job 3 New Projects Coming Up...Seeking Crew Members
  29. Great tool for filmmakers - Airdog
  30. In production: two films.
  31. Reaching out for a production partner
  32. Screenwriter Wanted Looking for Co-Writer for Horror Feature
  33. Lighting advice required
  34. Need some opinions about sound
  35. Short Film - The Kubrick's Cube
  36. Question for filmmakers...
  37. Questions regarding Sound Recording and Editing
  38. Trailer for CULPA-episode 01
  39. Am I in over my head with this one?
  40. 1 in a 100
  41. Canon t2i settings and lighting
  42. Filming in Skating Arena
  43. The thing is....
  44. Advice on shots for this scene...
  45. Music Video in Production- In need of help!
  46. "Detours" feature behind the scenes - part 3
  47. Crew Wanted I need a DP in the Maryland Area.
  48. Austrian Emergency Car Service - Creative Ad 2014 / Discussion
  49. Delusional - Upcoming Horror Feature
  50. Help with Lighting
  51. Demo Movie
  52. Audition questionnaire questions?
  53. Props
  54. What is the best quality 4k camera for under 3k?
  55. what is the triple screen system?
  56. Green Screen questions...
  57. Does anyone know where to get Insurance?
  58. Gangbanging Action/Comedy - Feature Film
  59. How do I go about getting a cast for my movie?
  60. "Detours" BTS: shooting w/a process trailer
  61. 4 stages of production
  62. Planning out a "Purgatory Effect"
  63. Straight From HERE!
  64. How to remove sound coming from other sources
  65. Notorious
  66. DSLR rig
  67. Insights Needed for Commercial Business Advertisment
  68. Detours BTS with Paul Sorvino
  69. Production mangement software
  70. Lavalier Mic
  71. 4K to HD camera track
  72. Cameraman needed for rock video
  73. Camera Rig - Sony FS100
  74. Critique my query letter to a cinematographer
  75. Lighting and general technique advice
  76. Web Series
  77. Delusional
  78. iPhone 6 Production Equipment Advice Needed Please
  79. What sound Equipment do I need?
  80. Question about insurance.
  81. Need Lighting Help
  82. How was this made?
  83. How to get this old torn up film look? (Planet Terror)
  84. First Production Day Horrible
  85. Help needed with lighting for darkness inside a child's cot
  86. What Camera to Get for my Documentary
  87. iPad audio advice
  88. Canon C100 Mark I vs Mark II (Help me decide)
  89. Using a clapper board
  90. live music recording question
  91. Crew Wanted Director Wanted For Series - Scotland
  92. Please help me with my 1 minute Horror
  93. Props & Costumes
  94. Found footage short film in production
  95. Trailer for "Detours" feature
  96. Casting Name Actors in an Indie Feature
  97. Good Idea
  98. The real experience
  99. New Blog Post: Combining Locations
  100. Life Sucks - Short Film... Opinions are nice!
  101. How to get the "Gotham" look.
  102. Permission Needed?
  103. Paid Job I'm searching for a complete production crew.
  104. The next big crossover comedy webseries??
  105. making 10-20 minutes clips
  106. Huge video quality drop from raw footage to exported finished product
  107. Need help with developing idea.
  108. Creating a Fake (Prop) Website Page
  109. Creating and indie production company - Need name ideas
  110. How to sell a name for a movie.
  111. Union or Not?
  112. Proof (2017)
  113. Should I get musician to sign something before using their music?
  114. Proof (2017) made the paper
  115. DETOURS behind-the-scenes photo
  116. Best Camera for Cinema Quality Documentary?
  117. PAPY - Animated short movie
  118. 3rd movie Hormones in pre-production! Please support and like page!!!
  119. Tips for Producers Assistant interview
  120. Equipment question...
  121. Shooting schedule preference?
  122. Directing actors concern
  123. Making movie on the suburbs
  124. What's better for my scenario?
  125. Crew Wanted Runners Wanted for Indie Feature
  126. Tips on glass and shooting methods with a Nikon D3200
  127. Animating a Drummer need advice
  128. DUAL BLADES - Official Movie Trailer!
  129. Help I am confused about what mic to buy
  130. 3m traveling shot
  131. Pre-Production of my "The Crow" fan film
  132. confusion about film and resolution/aspect ratio
  133. Shots vs angles
  134. Item Wanted Sound team is looking for a short film
  135. Wireless connection to Rode Videomic
  136. The Adventure of Cuba - Full HD
  137. Anamorphic Lenses?
  138. Recording with NTG2 and Tascam DR-05
  139. Documentary resolution & frame rate?
  140. Comedy Film Project entitled "Summer Camp" needing production
  141. New Filmmaker - Feedback on Micro Short is Requested
  142. Advice needed for budget issue- am I being taken advantage of?
  143. Minimal Camera gear for independent productions
  144. Minimal Camera gear for independent productions
  145. The total deconstruction of a family - Looking for companies!
  146. Who Needs Distribution?
  147. Producer desperatly needed for 2017 Horror/Syfy Film!!!
  148. Shooting for custom surface/screen.
  149. Filming Inside a Car Wreck
  150. Question for My First Documentary
  151. MY independent sci-fi short film FIELDTRIP
  152. Production tips needed.
  153. Kickstarter short film
  154. office setting space
  155. Question on Adobe Premiere Pro and film festivals
  156. Store Commercial Filming
  157. Best Way to Find Filming Locations
  158. Rural film location available
  159. Rural film location available
  160. Epic landscape shots
  161. Crew Wanted Calling aspiring & experienced filmmakers: EP's, Directors, AD's, DP's, Editors, Crew
  162. Crew Wanted Crew Needed - Los Angeles / NYC
  163. Actor Wanted Help an aspiring filmmaker or partake in the venture?
  164. Cine lens 500 and below
  165. Item Wanted Where to get good, cheap, or used Props?
  166. External 4k Recorder
  167. My first 4K Camera unsharp?? [Lumix]
  168. Script For Sale Film Idea
  169. Crew Wanted (UNPAID)
  170. Film Location Recommendations
  171. Scaling - Need help!
  172. What camera should I use?
  173. Deciding on the color grading before or after a shoot?
  174. Video from a trip
  175. Recommendations for 16mm Camera
  176. Camera Rig or Stabilizer
  177. Outdoor shoot audio question
  178. Any screenwriters or directors in Dublin or around Dublin
  179. Collaboration projects
  180. Help needed with difficult and unusual scene
  181. Want to know the name of a technique?
  182. One camera and multiple angles
  183. Buying a new Desktop to edit film.
  184. Producers in Animation
  185. need audio help for interview style film
  186. Buying a camera
  187. iphone 7 & Moondog Anamorphic+ extra telephoto lens?
  188. What kind of lighting gear used in this short clip?
  189. What camera should I invest in? (Separate or Combined Camera?)
  190. Paid Job Is anyone interested in these videos?
  191. Colour pallet for a documentary
  192. Trying to Source This Prop
  193. What kind of lighting gear used in this video?
  194. How much money do film directors earn each year?
  195. Interactive Story Telling
  196. Film Distribution | Victoria Films
  197. Insurance - one recommendation and one question
  198. Looking for production partner in Tokyo, Japan
  199. Short Film in Harry Potter world
  200. Introduction to Indie Filmmaking for Screenwriters
  201. Using Facebook Messenger for consent
  202. Which Shotgun Mic & Audio Recorder in 2019
  203. Vehicle Showcase
  204. Royalties