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  1. New Section for Composition and Score
  2. Musical Influences
  3. dj needed or someone who knows how to make their own music (specifically dubstep)
  4. Music for your project
  5. Royalty free music for your project
  6. Royality free music for every budget
  7. Free to use, newly composed classical piano music
  8. Looking for trailer music for horror film
  9. Cheap Music (Free Track Included)
  10. Passionate Composer and Collaborator
  11. Critique my work please/looking for projects to compose for
  12. Need your project scored? Look no further!
  13. Musician seeks filmmakers for music videos
  14. Accordion music in the French-style.
  15. Acoustic Guitar / Royality free music
  16. Full time Composer ISO new projects
  17. Music/Sound Effects/Foley and more..
  18. film music composer avail -horror/sci-fi-thriller seduction
  19. In need of composer
  20. Ugur Dariveren | Composer for Media
  21. Hundreds of tracks with free high quality music
  22. Experienced Composer looking to take on new projects
  23. Royalty Free Music for Low Budget people - all track 14 bucks.
  24. Composer for film, documentary, corporate video, and games
  25. Free Music for Horror/Action/Adventure movie
  26. Composer Seeking Projects | Custom Music
  27. Composer Looking for Work
  28. Free Royalty Music... Gypsy Jazz, Electro, Funk... :)
  29. Composer Seeking Work And Collaboration Possibilities
  30. London sound designer looking for projects/collaborations...
  31. Cinematic music for your film on any budget
  32. Alex Noir - Skylounge - Music Composer
  33. Composer looking to work with some new faces...
  34. Highly experienced composer ready and waiting!
  35. Paid Job Need music for short film
  36. Pianist and Composer Looking for Free Work
  37. No Pay Job Experienced composer, willing to work for credit
  38. Use my music in your films
  39. Experienced Composer for FREE!
  40. Score Instrumentation List
  41. Royalty-Free Music for your video
  42. Composer Looking to talk to film makers
  43. No Pay Job Logo Intro - Music needed (preferably electornic/glitch)
  44. Composer Commentary on recent Film
  45. Composer Introduction
  46. What's Always Nice
  47. 5 Composers, one mission
  48. Professional Composer for your films
  49. My latest work in progress
  50. Free music archive on youtube
  51. Hip Hop artist looking to collaborate with film maker
  52. Horror Producer Sound Packs
  53. No Pay Job Electronic Music Composer Looking to Collaborate
  54. An example of music I have written for a movie
  55. Pro Scores or Score Scene?
  56. Help me out with this...
  57. Young Composer - Looking for tips & work
  58. Versatile and Creative Composer Looking to Collaborate
  59. Music for a short thriller
  60. No Pay Job Composer Seeking Fast Credits | Free Royalty Free Tracks Available
  61. Composer looking for projects
  62. Composer with credits of work shown at 2012 Olympics
  63. Music for film, download for free, buy, or request customized tracks
  64. music composer looking for films to score
  65. Composer ready to compose (for free)
  66. Paid Job Looking for a composer for a short film [paid]
  67. Royalty free music + Free Pizza!
  68. Composer here. Just want to introduce myself and say hello.
  69. You don't want good music for your movie...
  70. Music Composer/Producer here - Want completely original music for your film/project?
  71. Hi Guys, UK songwriter/composer
  72. Soundtrack Artist Available
  73. Virtual String Instruments
  74. Help With Starting My Sample Pro-folio
  75. Experienced Composer/Producer looking for new projects
  76. Whats the song in the volvo commercial with JCVD
  77. Epic, melancholic, emotional sounding composer looking for a job!
  78. Composer aviable for work!
  79. Composition Degree
  80. Composer available
  81. No Pay Job Composer for the Filmmaker Forum editing contest
  82. Is it me or do synthesizers not mimic real acoustic instruments convincingly?
  83. Paid Job - Looking for a composer for a short film.
  84. Composer - Artem Yegorov
  85. Paid Job Ashton Morris - Composer and Sound Designer available
  86. Film Composer looking for work - Audio Reel
  87. Gitano, a gypsy love song by L A Morgan
  88. Custom Film Trailer Score I made (Is this good?)
  89. Film composer looking for films
  90. Composer Available
  91. Can anybody help answer this question?
  92. Need a composer for Film.
  93. Looking for Opportunities ...
  94. Film Composer Available, Introduction to Film Maker Forum
  95. I'm a composer looking for experience in film scoring.
  96. Most needed Practical Sound FX for films
  97. New Royalty Free Library Music
  98. No Pay Job Music!!! Some food for inspiration?
  99. Game composer/arranger searching for projects to explore the world of film scores
  100. Eddy Kassabian - Composer
  101. New guy that makes music on site, just saying hi!
  102. Composer looking for film, documentary etc.etc.
  103. New composer looking for project to score!
  104. Looking for Free Composer for Short that has been selected to a Festival.
  105. Music for Films
  106. Music Vortex - Music for your film
  107. music for a dance promotion.
  108. Pay
  109. Professional Composer at your service
  110. So here it is, hopefully my soon to be life's work
  111. Music student need video to score.
  112. Need music for film/tv/ads etc? mi casa su casa
  113. 909 Music Provides Royalty-free Music for Movies or Film Projects
  114. composer looking to get feet wet with something original and ambitious
  115. Experienced Composer currently available for new projects
  116. California Foley - New FX Vst - Free Version Available
  117. Need individual film music? (for free)
  118. Looking for SOUND EFFECTS
  119. Rescored Opening Credits to movie Se7en
  120. Free music and soundscapes for you projects
  121. Production company wants your film in exchange for music
  122. Need Music For Your Film?
  123. Sound effect help?
  124. Mike Williams - Music for Sync
  125. Vinnie Johnson : Music composer
  126. Another composer offering free and paid music !
  127. Do You Need A Composer? Well, Say " Hello" to Me!
  128. and another composer here
  129. Quality Music For Your Next Project
  130. French cinematic composer
  131. Music Producer Available
  132. For all you Composers....favorite brass samples?
  133. Demo to let the music do most of the job (hopefully)
  134. All music at soundimage.org is now free for commercial use
  135. Composer looking to round out his demo reel with some material
  136. New Composer in Town
  137. Short Film Composer looking for some fun new projects!
  138. Full Orchestra score example from composer
  139. No Pay Job Rock music for free from the russian band
  140. Composer/producer looking for work on indie shorts
  141. Matt O'Haira (Versatile Composer)
  142. AllAudio.co.uk - A music production company
  143. Multi Award-Winning Composer - Custom Music or Pre-written Tracks
  144. Looking for composers!
  146. No Pay Job Amateur Film/TV composer - Will Work For Free
  147. Lovely ballad for movie
  148. Are you looking for a composer for your film?
  149. The secrets of 'hot boy slant eyes' voice of Vietnam
  150. Largest Sound Effects Pack for films and media
  151. Composer Looking for New Projects
  152. Songwriter/composer for a film
  153. Replicating voice distortion
  155. How To Score Your Own Film With Logic X
  156. Composer looking for film
  157. Composer available for 2015
  158. Composer available.
  159. Action Score track examples
  160. 50s/60s Style Arrangements?
  161. Advice on Music Production opportunities for short film/multimedia
  162. Need Composer For Free
  163. Ambient/cinematic tracks for your film
  164. Composer
  165. Composer for all serious projects
  166. Scary Crying Ghost - Ghost Cry Sound Effect
  167. Deep Monster Breath - Breathing Beast Sound Effect
  168. Weeping Woman Behind The Door - Woman Weep Sound Effect
  169. No Pay Job Fresh composer looking for experience
  170. Weeping Woman - Woman Weep Sound Effect
  171. Hardly Knocking On The Door - Door Knock Sound Effect
  172. Evil Growl - Beast Growl Sound Effect
  173. Sound engineer looking to help out on your projects!
  174. Film/Trailer music producer (free)
  175. Whispering Man - Man Whisper (Vers. 1) Sound Effect
  176. Whispering Man - Man Whisper (Vers. 2) Sound Effect
  177. Scratching The Door - Door Scratch Sound Effect
  178. Free commerical use tunes from Way Beyond
  179. Radio Static Noise Sound Effect
  180. Tv Static Effect - White Noise Sound Effect
  181. Some free music
  182. No Pay Job Are you looking for songs with vocals?
  183. Free royalty-free music on new website
  184. Subway - Train Arrival Sound Effect
  185. Heavy Breathing Man - Man Breath (Vers. 1) Sound Effect
  186. Paid Job Draco Nared - Professional Composer For You
  187. Composer looking for projects
  188. Creating Professional Scores?
  189. Do you need Music for your Film?
  190. What Is The Process With A Composer?
  191. No Pay Job I'm a professional sound designer & producer,etc here offering epic music.
  192. Looking for a project to score
  193. Composer looking for film projects
  194. What instruments are require to form a Film Score
  195. Composer looking to score free of charge!
  196. Looking for a composer for short films/videos
  197. Paid Job Affordable Composer in search of projects to score
  198. UK Composition Studio looking for commissions
  199. looking for new musicians for creative partnership
  200. Sonitarium - Royalty Free Production Music Library
  201. Experienced Brazilian Composer Avaliable
  202. No Pay Job Let me score your soundtrack.
  203. Music Composer here - Need quality, original music for your film? Samples inside!
  204. Looking for horror sound libraries
  205. [Composer, Orchestral] Looking for a project where it'll be suitable
  206. syncing music video tracks
  207. Track needed for community film
  208. Versatile composer looking for projects
  209. Young Composer looking for opportunities
  210. Offering work as a composer for any who need it.
  211. Horror music composer needed
  212. Professional score for your project!
  213. No Pay Job High Quality Sound Mix Needed
  214. New Composer Available
  215. That Time of Year??
  216. Composer looking for collaboration
  217. For the Cheap Son of a Bitch/just don't have the cash (like me)
  218. Composer looking for projects to score
  219. composer available for your film... Orchestra, Gypsy Jazz & more !
  220. Short Film
  221. Composer available for free
  222. Composer looking for placement of tracks
  223. Paid Job Fulltime Composer looking for new projects
  224. Looking for music that makes your film stand out from the crowd?
  225. No Pay Job Free custom made music
  226. Music/Sound/Voiceover for your games! Experienced, Versatile, and Professional
  227. Paid Job Music/ Underscore for Documentary Film to be broadcast on NGC
  228. Authentic Tangos!
  229. No Pay Job Flexible musician offering music for free
  230. No Pay Job Short / Documentary / Feature
  231. FREE MUSIC FOR FILM | The Cinematic Vault
  232. Whats is your best place to go when choosing royalty free music for your projects?
  233. Best software to organize music library?
  234. No Pay Job Composer for collaboration
  235. Paid Job Need a Folk Guitarist/Aritst for a Soundtrack to a Hiking/Coming of Age movie
  236. Paid Job Horror Music Composer Needed for Short Film
  237. Offered: Composer Seeking Exciting New Projects
  238. Rafal Rudawski - professional film music composer
  239. Music for a horror film
  240. Captain Planet Homage
  241. Composer Looking For New Projects
  242. No Pay Job Looking for a short film to practice sfx / composing on
  243. Ia Erlandsson - composer
  244. Paid Job I compose custom Soundtracks / Music (Exclusive Licenses Only)
  245. Paid Job Film & Game Composer Looking For New Project
  246. Royalty Free Music for media projects
  247. Paid Job Composer, Sound Designer
  248. No Pay Job Film/video composer looking for projects
  249. No Pay Job Looking for a Composer for a Short Action Film
  250. UK based composer looking for new projects