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  16. Just made this intro for a podcast. My first go at electronica/dance style percussion
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  28. What is Your Musical Preference as a Filmmaker? Opinions Welcomed~
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  32. [Offered] Sam Foster Experienced Composer for Hire
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  36. Would you use AI to composer the score to your film? Help needed!
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  38. Looking to re-score Impressionistic Drama / Action Sports Short Film (Costa Mesa)
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  40. Looking for original music/ score for your film? I will do it for free
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  42. New Collection
  43. Does anyone know what instruments these, are so I can use them?
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  45. Offering emotional music
  46. No Pay Job I Can Compose Music For You If I Like Your Movie
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  58. Battle of the Champions - Orchestral Action Score
  59. New orchestral/electronic piece I composed let me know what you guys think!
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  74. Emtionforge, top music and sound design for hire or colaboration.
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  85. Film composer
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  91. Gypsy Jazz Music
  92. What do you call a person who plays the music for a movie, as oppose to a composer?
  93. University Student Interview
  94. Is it micromanaging to decide which instruments I want a composer to use?
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  97. I was thinking of going to music school to compose movies but is it right for me?
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  101. Is there any music scoring programs that can interpret sheet music?
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  116. New Collection
  117. Are there any apps or programs that can identify musical instruments?