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  1. Tomorrow the movie fundraisng
  2. Rules:
  3. The Final Lifeline
  4. Hollywood Project
  5. Night At The Asylum - Fundraising!!!
  6. Tagg the movie vol. 1
  7. KICK START indie rock legend
  8. The Longest Swim Movie
  9. Support Alt Screen: New York's Alternative Movies Hub
  10. Sanctuary
  11. 3rd Annual Filmshift Festival - Kickstarter
  12. Immoral Existence
  13. Celebrity Scifi/Thriller Needs You!
  14. Rudy: A Dark Comedy Christmas Short
  15. The Secret Dimension-Celeb Project Update
  16. The (new) secret dimension trailer
  17. By the Sea - Name talent
  18. Are you an indie filmmaker? Do you need a way to organize and build your project?
  19. Norwegian/Hollywood Feature. Making-Of Trailer...
  20. Hellfire-Feature Length Horror Film Winter 2013
  21. Hello indie filmmaker from nyc!
  22. TARTARUS - An Epic Science Fiction Film, Starring Tahmoh Penikett (BSG)
  23. DOUG JONES monster project
  24. Kickstarter Promotion for film about Human Trafficking
  25. New Teaser
  26. 18 Hours Left to Donate to "My Face"
  27. Fund a San Francisco short film! "It's a Joke"
  28. Project: Poverty Awareness
  29. Kickstarter Campaign: L. Frank Baum's the Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  30. "Am I Adam" Indiegogo
  31. From the Core seeks your help.
  32. Indiegogo campaign for my best film
  33. A Unique Short Film Project
  34. Word, the feature film
  35. Consult with Oscar Nominee
  36. What Are They Building In There?
  37. Indiegogo Promotion
  38. iFly Hand Held Camera Crane, Pan/Tilt
  39. Indiegogo project
  40. kitOS project at Indiegogo
  41. Feature Film: Cold Turkey
  42. Electric - A tale of loneliness, rebirth and electrocution
  43. Fight to Fly. Fly to Live. Live to Inspire...
  44. Short Film w/positive message for our youth
  45. Embed Kickstarter/IndieGoGo Projects
  46. Please help support my Kick Starter project
  47. Get Your Kickstarter-IndieGoGo Campaign Promoted
  48. Filmmaker Forum is getting its own Kickstarter Project going!
  49. Filmmaker Forum IndieGoGo Campaign
  50. Please share my campaign and contribute if you like
  51. Fundraiser for my web soap opera!
  52. 2 Days In January documentry
  53. Flexible or Fixed CrowdFunding Campaign?
  54. Interview with Kenny Gee
  55. Feature Film Indiegogo Campaign
  56. Young Filmmaker... Short Film Help
  57. New stop-motion short on Kickstarter
  58. "Four Million Silhouettes" - A surreal short about an otherworldy metro carriage.
  59. "Tides of Time" touching short film that everyone can relate to
  60. Starting campaing on Indiegogo to finish my new Docudrama "Houston we have a problem"
  61. Indiegogo Campaign for "The Divide", a Murder Mystery set in the Vietnam War
  62. My new short film Liquid Lungs is seeking donations
  63. My new web series Dearly Departed on IndieGoGo
  64. After Dark - Where are the the boundaries between planning a murder and committing it
  65. Finally...a female bounty hunter road trip movie!
  66. (Indiegogo) Please Stop Sticking Pencils Up Your Nose...
  67. Help me finish my first feature
  68. Polish science-fiction movie called the mishtals
  69. Using copyright material in Kickstarter video
  70. From the Core.
  71. Near Humanity - Motion Comics - Crowdfunding Official launch
  72. Help Butterfleye films go to the next level
  73. Sharing some experience so far with crowdfunding projects
  74. Send "The Traveling Gypsy" to Europe
  75. Umbrella of Damocles Festival Campaign
  76. South African Indiegogo project launch
  77. "The Traveling Gypsy" needs your love
  78. Even The Horses Had Wings (Surreal / Drama)
  79. Indiegogo campaign for Dr Lala Clown Doctor documentary
  80. FREE rewards from failing Kickstarter Project
  82. No Rest for the Wicked
  83. The Night Before Easter (2014)
  84. PERSONA - a three part transmediation
  85. Ovum The Movie
  86. Year of the Dead Calendar
  87. The Heart Beat
  88. Please support and donate what you can. It will be a great film!
  89. Coney Island Queen - short film about 2 lonely people.
  90. Ambisonic Microphone on Kickstarter
  91. Neurotron - A light rpg project
  92. UNSOUND| Feature Film - Official crowd funding launch
  93. LAW & DISORDER: the Insanity Defense - please share
  94. Puzzle crowns, kickstarter's campaign is live
  95. Southern Rock band Music Video KICKSTARTER
  96. Mars One Fundraising Campaign; Due 25th of January, 2014!
  97. Entity Feature Film Campaign - INDIEGOGO
  98. Check out this film, guys!
  99. How to get funds for your project
  100. Edge Indiegogo Campaign
  101. Identity (Short Film) Indiegogo Project
  102. LUUV - A new 3D-printed Plug & Play stabilizer for compact digicams and smartphones
  103. GoFundMe Project
  104. GoFundMe Project
  105. Trespass Into Terror
  106. Jack the Ripper Origin Kickstarter
  107. One Footr in the Grave -Short Film Indiegogo Campaign
  108. 4 Days left to donate - Like Emmy
  109. No Matter of Sniff - An epic Sci-Fi Music Video Project!
  110. Small Fry | A modern Noir series
  111. AirDog: World's First Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro
  112. Please Help with our 2nd college comedy movie "Last Day of School"
  113. SECOND TO NUN - Kickstarter project!!!
  114. GRINDHOUSE DOUBLE FEATURE - Kickstarter!!!
  115. CAPRICE: a psychological thriller short. a VT Lithyouvong film
  116. No Pay Job One of a Kind - A Short Film
  117. DSLR Filmschool on Kickstarter - Learn capture, color grading, and more!
  118. Camera Stabilizer for BMPCC, GH4 and A7S
  119. "Driving" Short Film Funding Campaign
  120. TO BE PREY
  121. Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown Indiegogo
  122. Short Film - Back Then
  123. Since we last | Love, loss, freedom
  124. GI HOES, a hilarious stop motion series is hoping to be ready for Xmas
  125. All i want from Santa is a few backer for my Kickstarter :)
  126. another look at it
  127. The Nightmare Man - Indiegogo
  128. Indiegogo for The Ivies - a new college TV sitcom / thesis project!
  129. 3 days left
  130. No Pay Job Jazzin' in the Key of Sea™ launched on Indiegogo
  131. Last Day Of School College Party Comedy set in Las Vegas!!!
  132. Vr | Letters From the Virtual
  133. Last Day of School, 12000 views over 50000 raised so far check it out!!!
  134. "WE" - Short Film
  135. Advertising for your Project
  136. Behind the Curtain
  137. I need backers for my Indiegogo Campaign for the Wogglebug's Franchise
  138. British Grindhouse Feature Film Indiegogo Campaign 'The Wrong Floor'
  139. Support an MFA thesis film
  140. Ultimate Horror Fan Film
  141. Not Really BETTER
  142. Shoot On?
  143. Epic Medieval Fantasy Webseries in the works
  144. A Merciful Man - Western Short Film Campaign
  145. "our war" - a civil war drama indiegogo campaign!
  146. After THE SEWOL - Feature Documentary
  147. Factory 91 - A dark fantasy short film
  148. Gunhand - A european western feature film (2017)
  149. My film Crowdfunder just went live
  150. Schizophrenia reloaded - Recker's Journey in America
  151. Crowd Funder Update: 5 days left!
  152. Action packed feature film
  153. 100% Funded! Thank you :)
  154. KickStarter Relaunch
  155. So It Goes Film
  156. Rogue Hunter - Sci Fi short film set in New Detroit of 2064
  157. FRONTIER - my second short
  158. DELUSIONAL - A filmmakerforum.org Collaboration
  159. Check Inn Motel - indiegogo
  160. "The Archivist" 35mm Feature Finishing Funds Campaign
  161. My First Feature Length Documentary - Be A Part Of It!
  162. Slasher Studios' 3rd Feature "IRRATIONAL FEAR"
  163. Party Bus To Hell Horror Movie Indiegogo!!!
  164. Sasquatch Falls - A Horror/Comedy Short
  165. Support my Indiegogo for horror movie Party Bus To Hell shooing in Vegas!!!
  166. Give The Chance Kickstarter
  167. Multiplex 10: the animated short will put a movie theater inside your movie theater
  168. Hallucinations, A Short Film IndieGogo Project
  169. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Fan Film
  170. The Blood Bride - A surreal dark fairy tale drama
  171. Open: Short film
  172. To Be Young - A post-apocalyptic coming of age short (Indiegogo Fundraiser)
  173. Art of the Dead horror movie needs your help with our Indiegogo campaign!
  174. The YOGA industry documentary film on Kickstarter is looking for support
  175. Building a monster through Indiegogo + donated treasured items
  176. Some of Her Parts
  177. E X I S T - Short film dealing with Men's suicide on INDIEGOGO LIVE 5th MAY
  178. House in Pieces - Documentary on war in Marawi, Philippines : 2 days to (indie)gogo!
  179. CharacterBased - NYC Monologue Series
  180. The new Laowa 24mm probe sounds very interesting!
  181. Please help fund this feature-length comedy, inspired by paranoia films of the '70s!
  182. Zucchini Cake - my film school thesis
  183. SKARNEN - Dark Ages Fantasy short, filmming on the Isle of Skye, Scotland
  184. IndieGoGo Monologue Series - Trying to change the way actors build their portfolio
  185. Burapa: Bikers Of The East
  186. Help interview veterans for my film, Vineyard and drone photography in Catskill, NY!
  187. Game Over Love - A story about a toxic teenage relationship
  188. Has anyone run an indiegogo campaign for festival finance?
  189. Sci-Fi/Horror movie Attack of the Unknown starring Richard Grieco Indiegogo
  190. How to Keep the Momentum? (A "current" case-study and question)
  191. Attack of the Unknown Indiegogo campaign now past 50k raised!
  192. 3rd Times A Charm
  193. Post-Production Crowdfund For 2 Weeks
  194. Attack of the Unknown sci-fi horror movie post-production Indiegogo with teaser