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  1. Anyone need music for their film?
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  3. I may be interested in writing some music for someone (link below)
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  20. Blood splatter effects
  21. Problems capturing mini DV from DVCam & Cameras
  22. Problem with volume
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  25. Editing with iMovie blows
  26. Reducing acne redness?
  27. Editor looking for work!
  28. Need a Animated Title or Motion Graphics piece?
  29. Anyone have expereince with Final Cut Express?
  30. Buying a computer with tax money
  31. How to export using imovie
  32. Royalty Free Music
  33. Sad Music Download
  34. Color Correction in Final Cut Pro or AfterEffects
  35. Audio peak filter for Final Cut Pro - how to
  36. Best FREE Advanced Video Editor Software
  37. Premier Pro CS6 or Final Cut Pro X?
  38. Adobe Color Correction
  39. Editing Videos
  40. Sound Syncing With Plural Eyes 3
  41. Anyone know where to download effect plugins for Final Cut Pro
  42. Postproduction: Best Final cut pro7 video format
  43. Floo - A New Video Editing System
  44. Animating Effects? (Adobe After Effects)
  45. Fix it in Post
  46. Editing a Film That You Don't Want to Edit
  47. Panning Audio Left/Right
  48. Buy Full Adobe AfterEffects or Sony Vegas for less?
  49. How to add an image in post to a computer screen that was blank in the film?
  50. Cool Plug-in Company?
  51. Premiere Import Footage settings
  52. Soft for promo video
  53. Posting a Picture or Video on a Computer screen or Anything else Tutorial
  54. Foley Sound
  55. Video Footage Repository
  56. Rendering intermediary frames. Why??
  57. Free screen capture software?
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  59. Experienced videographer and editor at your service
  60. Time for an upgrade!
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  62. Hi all
  63. How would I handle this?
  64. Need Assistance. Have several challenging questions about a short video piece.
  65. Premiere Pro Best Video Format for Editing??
  66. Someone Get Sam Update (9/1)
  67. DVD/CD stuck in my iMac - How do I get it out?
  68. Stock Footage
  69. How to make video look like movies from the late 80s/early90s?
  70. Top 5 Stock Footage Websites - Free
  71. Final Cut Pro best exporting settings
  72. Flying bullets
  73. How to blend color look like Castle Of Glass - Linkin Park
  74. do I really need the speed?
  75. "separating" sound?
  76. Color Correction - Aesthetic or Technical Issue?
  77. No Pay Job I'm bored, so give me something to edit!
  78. Editing houses that will transfer and HDCam or DigiBeta to Apple ProRes 422 HQ file
  79. Video Editing Software for Macs
  80. What Camera and Editing software does Walking Dead TV Show use?
  81. Suggesions for Open Source/Free/Cheap Editing Software
  82. Payoff
  83. Working with .mts video files on mac: what is the best way?
  84. Color Corrections for morons?
  85. Editing Contest 2013
  86. Multicam Editing
  87. Crashes: Beyond Frustrating
  88. Editing Contest - Vote for the winner!
  89. Encore CS6
  90. Editing Laptop
  91. AVCHD on Mac?
  92. Free Editing Software for Windows
  93. Getting rid of noise on footage
  94. Worth converting 25fps to 24fps?
  95. Avid follows Adobe to the cloud!
  96. Desktop PC
  97. iMovie
  98. Editing & Color Correcting Anyone???
  99. Reduce file size
  101. Convert two mono channels to two stereo channels?
  102. Closed Caption Services
  103. Pro Color Grade with Free Software
  104. Practice Editing?
  105. Anybody use PowerDirector?
  106. After Effects Tutorial: Dynamic Expressions
  107. Key framing motion to a motion tracked 2d image?
  108. Editing Question...
  109. Edit of Counter-Strike 1.6 movie
  110. Editing Reel?
  111. transitions effect
  112. Teaching Myself To Edit
  113. Post Production Workshop
  114. Making An Editing Reel
  115. A Warning to Filmmakers - iTunes Distribution
  116. Edited my first fan made music video for rapper, Wiz Khalifa - "James Bong"
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  118. Free Sound Effects
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  129. No Pay Job Seeking colorist
  130. Editor with tracking blur
  131. Good free online tutorial video for learning the basics of iMovie?
  132. Best Free (Or Cheap) Editing Software for Windows?
  133. Sony Movie Studio 13
  134. Premiere?
  135. Paid Job Looking for permanent video editor for youtube channel profit share
  136. Something for edit
  137. Tutorial: How To Auto Sync Sound in Premiere Pro
  138. Software
  139. fixing over saturated skin tones
  140. Anyone used BLender for motion tracking?
  141. Terrorist Editors
  142. How Was This Done?
  143. What resolution should I downgrade to?
  144. Keyframe Transitions...?
  145. Did you see this film editing deck?
  146. Rendering & Exporting
  147. A few questions from a new guy about editing.
  148. Super 8 Film editing
  149. People who edit video games they've played -- why?
  150. Mocha Pro: Tattoo Removal Tutorial
  151. What is a good editing program for Mac (besides Final Cut Pro)?
  152. Software for iPad??
  153. How do you feel about Blender as a video editor?
  154. Is throwing B roll on top, really a solution like others say?
  155. free mixing for your audio
  156. Problem with black bars in my video (Adobe premier pro)
  157. New blog post - The Art of the Edit
  158. iPad that can edit 4K video?
  159. TV On
  160. New blog post: "The Art of the Edit - Part 2"
  161. Paid Job Editor wanted for feature film trailer edit and DVD Authoring
  162. Mac vs PC
  163. Star Wars 7: Alternate Music and Finishing
  164. Laptop Spec Good Enough?
  165. Editing another filmmaker's bad footage
  166. Editing sections then render or put all in one project
  167. The Right Mac For The Job
  168. Questioning Continuity. Is it really important?
  169. Sharpen DSLR footage to look like Pro camera?
  170. Adobe Version ???
  171. Help request: strange video effect
  172. RENDERING video fast with MacbookPro: RAID or NOT?
  173. 60fps / 150% / 25fps - Please Help!
  174. Un-Edited Footage
  175. My first time editing a music video, I have a question about editing to music.
  176. Question about editing around a jump cut.
  177. Is there any way to get thumbnails on S-log 3 footage when editing?
  178. Is there any way to get thumbnails on S-log 3 footage when editing?
  179. I have a problem with 24 to 23.976 conversion in Premiere Pro.
  180. Question about editing a time travel scene like this.
  181. What can I do to explain this to the audience...?
  182. How can I speed up audio, without changing the pitch?
  183. Can't use my fonts in Hitfilm 4 Express 2017
  184. Can I get Premiere Pro to accept MKV files?
  185. Color grading looks great on monitor, but very sharp and contrasty on HDTV
  186. I have a question about a color grading problem.
  187. No Pay Job Need Video Editor for Short Film Project
  188. Question about editing another director's work.
  189. Question about making J and L cuts in Premiere Pro.
  190. Rolling Horizontal Band Footage Fix?
  191. What are good speakers for audio editing/mixing?
  192. Need Color Grader for Completed Short Film
  193. Question about how you charge people for editing.
  194. Audio Drift Sync Issue
  195. No Pay Job I'll edit your project!
  196. Parady film, first time using photoshop and legacy text over video
  197. Rendering 16:9 footage into 2.35:1 in premiere pro.
  198. Sigh.... Vertical video
  199. What kind of notes can I make as an editor when doing this feature film?
  200. I have a problem with using Premiere Pro and wonder if anyone could help.
  201. What do you think of my editing of the scene?
  202. Looking for Video Editor !!!
  203. Advice on working with Instagram photos in editing
  204. Editing from a rendered copy?
  205. Learning Avid or Edius?
  206. Making DCP copies
  207. Interacting with video elements
  208. How do I make an excel master footage log from AVID media composer?
  209. Question about editing a documentary.
  210. Editing Suite Rentals in Burbank
  211. Be a filmmaker - Creative Editing for Storytellling
  212. Editing software.