Hello you lovely movie obsessed folks,

I've just discovered you and your forum here, and was really impressed by the large range of this platform and all the passionate people here, trying to reach some light during dark times as an aspiring film creator or just discuss technical questions about some equipment.
The first impression was really nice, and so I thought, I'd just give it a try and join this huge ball pit of creative heads.

But the reason, why I opened up this thread is a script that I've wrote, called "People", that I'd love to realize and shoot in the UK. I've already contacted production companies in the UK to ask them about their interest on the movie, and now I wanted to use this platform as well.
Maybe here's someone who's an Executive Producer of a company, a director, or knows a company or other probably interested people for such a movie, if so, just let me know! I would love to talk with you. For me, cinema or movies were always passion, so I love when movies have such a deep effect on people that they are actually able to move them or at least leave a certain impression after the screening, for instance, it's great if people have to cry after a sad movie or a drama when the credits are running, or are scared like hell after a horror movie, I just think this is the greatest reason why movies exist and are a form of arts. And this art I want to show other people with my movies, so it would be super cool, if you would help me getting my dream come true and... make the people cry (positively, of course! :D)

But before I lose myself and my words in the huge nirvana of introducing, I'm going to give you a little bit information about the movie:

- It's an about 30 pages long script
- It mainly takes place in only one house, all the movie through (the rest are a couple of shorter outdoor scenes on the streets)
so it would be good to wether take a real house as a shooting location or build up own sets.
- I'm looking for a production company that would be interested to help me realizing the movie in the UK, e.g. with budget, location,
equipment, etc.

NOW, finally this, who probably everybody have waiten for ...

A LITTLE SUMMARY ABOUT THE PLOT: A normal family with normal kinds and an equal normal home; as it first seems to us. But really nobody had anticipated how quickly this wonderful and idyllic picture of a family would turn into a total mess for all of them. And all this just caused by a normal planned party for all family mates.

That's all I'm going to tell you by first, but if you're interested and would like to read more or have any questions, please feel free to answer in this thread or send me a personal message. If you'd like, I'm going to send you the script, so you can take a little closer look on the reason why I'm bothering you with such many words on such a late hour, at all! ;D

I'm looking forward to talking to you! Just leave a message! ;)

All the best from Schwelm, Germany,

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