How can I speed up audio, without changing the pitch?
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Topic: How can I speed up audio, without changing the pitch?

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    Default How can I speed up audio, without changing the pitch?

    Basically for an effect I want to do a short film, I want to be able speed up a shot of someone talking so it looks like they are talking in fast motion. Now in Premiere Pro, there is a tool that allows you to do this called the rate stretch tool. When I apply it to the video to speed it up, what it does is, is that it removes frames from the video to speed it up into fast looking motion.

    However, with audio, the rate stretch tool doesn't seem to do that. Instead of removing frames in audio (or samples I guess they are called in this case), what the rate stretch tool does it, is, is speed up the audio and changes it to a higher pitch. This makes the actors voice sound much higher, which I don't want to do. I want the actor to talk really fast, but not in a high pitch and just have samples removed, the same way frames are removed in the video, without any pitch changing.

    Is this possible to do in premiere pro?

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    What you're looking to do is called "formant preservation". Not a mis-type the word is "formant". So if your software has to ability to preserve formant in the audio while stretching the video, that's what you're looking to enable.

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